Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Buying and Selling for Profit, 1531-1536

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began in 1531

BS1. William Gyrlyngton of Kippax, gentleman v. Thomas Jaxson, chaplain of the chantry of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kippax: Yorkshire; pleaded, b, c, d, e, f, g, h

King's bench
BS2. Edmund Arnold v. William Baron of Ipswich, chaplain: Suffolk; capias

BS3. Edward Stanbank v. Roger Smith, abbot of Dorchester: Oxfordshire; pleaded, b, c, d, e

BS4. William Small v. Thomas Baker, rector of Mindtown: Shropshire; pleaded, b, c, d

BS5. John Page v. Richard Stone, vicar of Cold Ashton: Worcestershire; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
BS6. Robert Conyers, gentleman v. George Bynkes of Danby Wisk, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias, b sicut prius capias, c exigent

Suits that began in 1532

BS7. Fulk Raddoun v. Thomaas Baker, rector of Mindtown: Shropshire; pleaded, b

BS8. William Couper of Bury St. Edmunds, husbandman & William Skynner of Bury St Edmunds, husbandman v. John Gyttour (alias Gryffyth), rector of Horningsheath: Suffolk; pleaded, b, c

BS9. William Couper of Bury St. Edmunds, husbandman & William Skynner of Bury St Edmunds, husbandman v. John Redman, rector of Great Welnetham: Suffolk; pleaded, b c,

Common Pleas
BS10. William Horsley v. William Johnson of Middleton by Bainton, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias

BS11. George Denton v. Richard Baynton of Horbling, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias, b emparlance

BS12. William Fraunceys v. Richard Boynton, perish priest of Everingham: Yorkshire; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
BS13. Francis Bassett v. Richard Hall of Ilam, cleric: Staffordshire; capias

BS14. John Heyward, yeoman v. Edward Gery, spiritual person in the monastery of Shrewsbury St. Peter: Shropshire; pleaded, b, c, d, e

Common Pleas
BS15. John Symson v. John Potter of Keldholme, cleric: Yorkshire; capias

BS16. John Hacun, gentleman v. George Washington of Narborough ("Burgh by West Acre"): Norfolk; capias

Suits that began in 1533

BS17. John Foule of Halling, gentleman v. Richard Lytylford, vicar of Teynham: Kent; pleaded, b, c, d

BS18. Edward chamberlayn of Little Creaton, yeoman v. Robert Palmer, rector of Great Creaton: Northamptonshire; pleaded, b, c

Common Pleas
BS19. Richard Wychelhalse v. Richard Wykys of South Tawton, cleric: Devon; pleaded, b, c

BS20. James Rokesby, armiger v. Robert Blessyng of Kirkby Ravensworth, chaplain: Yorkshire; aborted pleading

BS21. John Sawyer v. William Norcote of Great Mongeham, cleric: Kent; pleaded, b, c, d, e

Common Pleas
BS22. Robert Wood v. William Harryson of Whitkirk, cleric: Yorkshire; capias

BS23. Michael Whyttyng, valet of the king's guard v. Richard Barkeworth of Greetham, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias

BS24. William Bradford v. Roland Cotney of Banham, cleric: Norfolk; capias

BS25. John Cresse v. John Lill, rector of Plymtree: Kent; pleaded, b

Suits that began in 1534

Common Pleas
BS26. Christopher Atkynson v. George Newton of Ripon, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias

BS27. Richard Penros v. John Long of Wheldrake, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias

BS28. Richard Bradley, yeoman v. John Clerk, rector of Belbroughton: Worcestershire; pleaded, b

BS29. William Bull v. George Gowar, rector of Langenhoe ("Langnore"): Essex; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
BS30. John Starky v. Thomas Skamon of Dalderby, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias

BS31. John Starky v. Martin Rouse of High Toynton, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias

BS32. John Dey . Nicholas Marche (alias Marshall) of East Bilney, cleric: Norfolk; capias, b exigent, c pleaded, d, e, f re-enrolled with jury continuances, g, h

BS33. James FitzWilliams v. Richard Forde of "Okeryge", cleric: Kent; capias, sicut prius capias, sicut pluries capias, b exigent

BS34. Andrew Swayne v. Richard Forde, rector of "Okeryge": Kent; sicut prius capias, sicut pluries capias,

BS35. Edmund Goodwyn v. John Marshalle or Necton, chaplain: Norfolk; capias

Suits that began in 1535

Common Pleas
BS36. Robert Wyatt v. Michael Hercley of Kirkby, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias

BS37. Thomas Hall of London, scrivener v. Richard Charnock, vicar of Shapwick: Dorset; pleaded

BS38. Robert Squyer, weaver v. John Pereson, vicar of Stanton Harcourt: Oxfordshire; pleaded

Common Pleas
BS39. Humfrey Myssylden, gentleman v. James Derby of Wood Enderby, chaplain: Lincolnshire; capias, b exigent

BS40. Ralph Tykehull v. Richard Yong of Preston, Kent, chaplain: London; capias, latitat, sicut prius latitat, b non-prosecution

Suits that began in 1536

Common Pleas
BS41. Christopher Wylkynson v. John Richardson, of Sedgebrook, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias, b sicut prius capias, c sicut pluries capias

BS42. James Curteys v. Nicholas Kendall of Lincoln, cleric: Lincoln city; capias

Suits that began in 1537

Common Pleas
BS43. John Ball v. William Bray of Lawhitton, cleric: Cornwall; capias, b sicut prius capias, c jury continuance, d jury continuance, e jury continuance

BS44. Andrew Burnby v. Thomas Wodefall, rector of Simpson: Buckinghamshire; capias

BS45. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. David Smyth, rector of Stamford St. George: Lincoln; count

Common Pleas
BS46. Thomas Mores v. Henry Lytherlond of Kirby, cleric: Leicestershire; capias

Suits that began in 1538

BS47. John Browne v. Richard Deane of Great Harwood, chaplain: Lancashire; pleaded, b

BS48. William Watson v. Hugh Whithed, prior of Durham: Yorkshire; pleaded, b

BS49. Francis Leeke, armiger v. John Lawence, rector of Whittington: Derbyshire; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
BS50. William Steyse v. Thomas Grene of Didley, cleric: Herefordshire; emparlance

BS51. William Danby, gentleman v. Thomas Parkynson of Helmsley, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias, b, c aborted pleading

Suits that began in 1539

Common Pleas
BS52. John Lyttylbury, armiger v. Christofer Spencer of Belshford, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias b

BS53. William Ayleward of Little Stanmore v. Richard Skarlett, vicar of Edgeware: Middlesex; pleaded, b

Suits that began in 1540

Common Pleas
BS54. George Gyll v. William Smyth of Buckland, Hertfordshire: London; capias, latitat for Hertfordshire, b aborted pleading

BS55. John Hyggyns v. David ap Gryffyth of More: Shropshire; capias

BS56. Mandelyn Robyns of Southampton, shoemaker v. Nicholas Amshon, parish priest of Southampton St. Lawrence: Hampshire; pleaded

BS57. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. Henry Morden, vicar of Frindsbury: Kent; pleaded, b, c, d

BS58. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. William Squyre, cleric: Worcestershire; pleaded

Suits that began in 1541

BS59. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. John Whyt, parish priest of Woodhurst: Huntingdonshire; pleaded, b, c

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