Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Leaseholding Actions, 1538

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began Hilary term, 1538

L425. John Estfeld v. Edward Torrell, rector of Bergholt: Essex; pleaded, b, c, d

L426. John Dalyn, gentleman v. John Rede, vicar of Andover: Hampshire; pleaded, b, c, d

L427. John Dalyn, gentleman v. Thomas Cloghton, vicar of Blandford: Dorset; process, b, c

Common Pleas
L428. Humfrey Raynesford v. Richard Chapman of Cowden, cleric: Kent; capias, sicut prius capias, b pleaded

L429. Hugh Amesley v. Richard Morrell of Quarrendon, rector of Leckhamstead: Buckinghamshire; capias, sicut prius capias [Not certainly a 1529 statutory case, but likely so] b capias utlagatum

L430. Bartholomew Storry v. George Brakenthorp of Goldsborough, cleric: Yorkshire; capias, sicut prius capias

L431. John Howker v. John Swynnerton of Mere, cleric: Wiltshire; capias, b jury continuance, c jury continuance

Suits that began Easter term, 1538

L432. Edmund Bockyng, gentleman v. John Ascue, vicar of Ash-Bocking: Suffolk; pleaded, b, c, d, d

L433. John Howker, yeoman v. John Swynerton, vicar of Mere: Wiltshire; pleaded, b, c, d

L434. Robert Lokton of Sawston v. Brian Myddelton, rector of Cockayne Hatley: Bedfordshire; pleaded, b, c, d

L435. Richard Jenkenson of Calverley, yeoman v. Peter Langfelowe, vicar of Huddersfield: Yorkshire; process

L436. Edmund Davy, gentleman v. John Dowce, vicar of Whiteparish: Wiltshire; pleaded, b, c, d, e, f

Common Pleas
L437. Nicholas Proctour v. Thomas Greves of Marston, chaplain: Lincolnshire; capias, sicut prius capias

L438. John Kyme v. Gilbert Plumpton of Stickford, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias, b sicut prius capias

Suits that began Trinity term, 1538

Suits that began Michaelmas term, 1538

L439. John Dalyn, gentleman v. John Rede, vicar of Andover: Hampshire; pleaded, b, c, d

L440. George Eglesfeld of London, currier v. John Blythe, canon of Lichfield: Staffordshire; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
L441. Godfrey Swayne v. John Russell of Fotheringhay, cleric, master of the college of Blessed Mary and All Saints of Fotheringhay: Northamptonshire; attachment; distraint

L442. John Whelpyngton v. William Hunte of Madley, chaplain: Herefordshire; sicut prius capias

L443. Robert Lyttelbury, gentleman v. John Brewcyster of Kirton in Holland, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias

L444. William Danby, gentleman v. Thomas Parkynson of Helmsley, chaplain: Yorkshire; sicut prius capias b aborted pleading

L445. Henry Fayreberd v. Thomas Henley of Welford, chaplain: Berkshire; capias, b appearance, c emparlment, d, e pleaded, f, g jury continuance

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