Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Leaseholding Actions, 1539

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began Hilary term, 1539

L446. Henry Draycot, gentleman v. Ralf Bowryng, vicar of Rugeley: Staffordshire; pleaded, b, c

L447. John Pryk of Horningsheath,husbandman v. John Gryffythe, rector of Horningsheath: Staffordshire; pleaded, b, c, d

L448. William Vele of Henbury Saltmarsh, gentleman v. John Barlowe, dean of the college and chapter of Westbury : Gloucestershire; pleaded, b, c

L449. Henry Moyer v. Thomas Adams, vicar of Feckenham: Worcestershire; pleaded, b, c

Common Pleas

L450. Thomas Broune v. Alexander Wytherwyke of Bow Brickhill, cleric: Buckinghamshire; capias

L451. Robert Bayly v. Robert Elyott, rector of Stoke Abbas, cleric: Dorset; capias

L452. John Hall v. William Gybbys of Clist St. George: Devon; capias

L453. Robert Toker v. John Smyth of Collumpton: Devon; capias, b, pleaded c, d, e jury continuance, f jury continuance, g jury continuance, h jury continuance

King's Bench
L454. Henry Jakeman v. William Storthwhayte of Narford, cleric: Norfolk, emparlment, b

Suits that began Easter term, 1539

L455. John Loring v. John Cawell, rector of Woolstone: Gloucestershire; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
L456. Robert Lyttylbury v. John Bruyster of Kirton in Holland, cleric: Devon; capias b sicut prius capias

L457. John Tailser v. Richard Janson of Felkirk, chaplain: Yorkshire; capias

L458. Richard Richardes v. Robert Davy of Ickelton: Cambridgeshire; capias, sicut prius capias, b emparlment c pleaded, e jury continuance

L459. Osbert Ethyngham, knight v. Robert Nudde of Mutford, rector of Barnby: Suffolk; capias, sicut prius capias, sicut pluries capias

Suits that began Trinity term, 1539

L460. Lewis ap Griffith, servingman v. John Hewes, rector of Llan-Bedr-Dyfryn-Clwyd: North Wales; pleaded, b, c

Common Pleas
L461. Nicholas Walton v. John Hyll of Thoresby, cleric: Lincoln; capias b emparlances, c

L462. Christofer Grene v. Richard Beck of Osmotherley: Yorkshire; capias

Suits that began Michaelmas term, 1539

L463. Thomas Bowne, yeoman v. Fulke Salisbury, dean of the cathedral church of St. Asaph: North Wales; pleaded, b, c

L463. Thomas Bowne, yeoman v. Robert Salisbury, rector of "Llanrost" (Llanrwst?): North Wales; pleaded, b, c

L464. John Gemme of Westminster, gentleman v. Thomas Whythedde, rector of Birdbrook: Essex; pleaded, b, c, d, e

L465. Robert Cambrebathe of Carnarvon v. John Robyns, vicar of St. Beblig, Carnarvon: North Wales; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
L466. William Babyngton, gentleman v. Humfrey Byrkes (=Stanley), rector of Elford: Staffordshire; capias

L467. Richard Baker v. Robert Jones of Eton, Herefordshire: Gloucestershire; capias, b sicut prius capias, c sicut pluries capias, d exigent, e emparlment, f pleaded

L468. Richard Scudamore & Richard Welshe v. William Hull (Hyll) of Hereford, cleric: Herefordshire; capias, b emparlment, c, d pleaded, e, f jury continuance, g jury continuance

L469. John Wellington v. Nicholas Walleweyn of Hereford, cleric: Herefordshire; capias b emparlment, c pleaded, d, e jury continuance

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