Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Leaseholding Actions, 1540

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began Hilary term, 1540

Common Pleas
L470. James Cytre v. Richard Lokeland of Aslackby, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias, b emparlments

L471. John Rede, armiger v. Thomas Compton of Stenigot, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias b sicut prius capias, sicut pluries capias

L472. Christofer Fletcher v. Richard Sowdell of Ashover, chaplain: Leicestershire; capias

L473. Robert Woolf v. Thomas Whytehed of Stoke by Clare, cleric: Suffolk; capias

L474. Ralph Bromwyche v. William Wylbrame, rector of Bishop's Hampton: Herefordshire; capias, b sicut prius capias, c sicut pluries capias

L475. Richard Knylle v. Robert Phelpottys of Linton,cleric: Herefordshire; capias

L476. James Baker v. James Lylborne of Ashwellthorpe: Norfolk; capias

Suits that began Easter term, 1540

L477. Henry John, cleric v. Robert Collyns, vicar of Tenby: North Wales; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
L478. John Whyte v. Phillip Collyns of Banwell, cleric: Somerset; capias, b emparlment, c, d pleaded, e, f, g jury continuance

L479. William Paynter v. Richard Smyth of Wincanton, cleric: Somerset; capias

Suits that began Trinity term, 1540

L480. Henry Jones, cleric v. Robert Collyns, vicar of Tenby: South Wales; pleaded

L481. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. Henry Morden, vicar of Frindsbury: Kent; pleaded

L482. John Belch of Barby, husbandman v. Lewis More, rector of Barby: Northamptonshire; pleaded, b, c, d, e

L483. Robert Smyth of Brettenham v. John Hudson, rector of Brettenham: Suffolk; pleaded, b, c, d

L484. Henry Jones, cleric v. William Janynges, rector of Pennal: South Wales; pardoned

Common Pleas
L485. Robert Egerston v. John Morgarode of Thorpe in the Fallows, cleric: Lincolnshire; capias b sicut prius capias

L486. Ralph Hensley v. William Stockewyth of Brading, Isle of Wite: Hampshire; capias

L487. Ranulf Lyne v. Thomas Crewe of Papworth St. Agnes: Cambridgeshire; capias

L488. William Farwell v. Thomas Dawber of Farmborough cleric: Somerset; capias, sicut prius capias b exigent

Suits that began Michaelmas term, 1540

L489. John Pryk of Horningsheath, yeoman v. John Griffith, rector of Horningsheath: Suffolk; pleaded

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