Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Residency/Absenteeism Actions, 1531

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began Hilary term, 1531

R1. Richard Flower v. Robert Johnson, rector of Wentworth: Cambridgeshire, pleaded, b,

Suits that began Easter term, 1531

R2. John Williams v. Thomas Green, rector of Ginge at Stone: Essex, pleaded, b, c, d

R3. John Byrtt, valet of the king's guard v. Richard Ryle, vicar of Honington: Warwickshire, pleaded, c

King's Bench
R4. Alan Ryce v. William Pratt, rector of Cantley: Norfolk, pleaded

Suits that began Trinity term, 1531

R5. Richard Holbroke v. Thomas Clerk, rector of Diss: Norfolk, pleaded, b, c

R6. Peter Hyggyns v.John Hogeys, rector of Hanwood: Shropshire, pleaded, b, c, d, e

R7.Peter Hyggyns v. John ap David, rector of More: Shropshire, pleaded, b, c, d

R8. William Brokett of Dorking, yeoman v. Alan Maunsel, vicar of Dorking: Surrey, pleaded, b

King's Bench
R9. Robert Cove, gentleman v. Robert Towar of Scottow, cleric: Suffolk, capias

Suits that began Michaelmas term, 1531

R10. Thomas Wayne v. Nicholas Savage, rector of Moston St. Mary: Cheshire, pleaded, b

R11. Edmond Mody & William Armourer v. Robert Emonson, rector of Somersal: Derbyshire, pleaded, b, c, d

R12. Maurice Howgan v. Hugh Myllyng, rector of Farthingstone: Northamptonshire, pleaded, b

R13. William Smalle v. John Pole, vicar of Alberbury St. Michael: Shropshire, pleaded, b

R14. Richard Bawdwyn v. Thomas Townge (=Tonge), rector of Middle: Shropshire, pleaded, b, c

R15. Richard Bawdwyn v. John Lyttilton, rector of Munslow: Shropshire, pleaded, b

R16. Edmond Mody & William Armourer v. William Tattourne, rector of Spaxton: Somerset, pleaded, b, c, d, e

Common Pleas
R17. Anthony Wood v. Richard Moreys of Salford, cleric: Oxfordshire; initial process pleaded, b

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