Enforcement Suits under the Statutes of 1529: Residency/Absenteeism Actions, 1538

by Robert C. Palmer, Cullen Professor of History and Law, The University of Houston

Suits that began Hilary term, 1538

R138. Francis Leeke, armiger v. John Lawrens, rector of Whittington: Derbyshire; pleaded, b, c, d

R139. Oswald Wildesthorpe, knight v. Leonard Constable, rector of Marston in the county of the city of York: Yorkshire; pleaded, b

Suits that began Easter term, 1538

R140. Richard Jekynson of Calverley, yeoman v. Peter Langefelowe, vicar of Huddersfield: Yorkshire; pleaded, b

R141. John Vaughan of London, doctor of laws & Geoffrey Bromefeld of Westminster, yeoman v. Adam Beakensaw, vicar of Toppesfield: Essex; pleaded, b

Common Pleas
L142. Mathew Wolf v. Henry Wodefall, rector of Simpson: Buckinghamshire; emparlment

Suits that began Trinity term, 1538

R143. John Mawode of London, yeoman v. John Wattes, rector of Easington: Yorkshire; process

Suits that began Michaelmas term, 1538

R144. Thomas Huntwade of London, yeoman v. James Marten, rector of Moreton: Essex; process, b, c, d, e

R145. William Twefelton of Gressingham v. John Robynson, rector of "Hawton": Lancashire, pleaded b, c

R146. Thomas Crowley v. Henry Medowe, vicar of Hadlow: Kent; process

R147. Thomas Fuller of Great Finborough, yeomanv. George Todde, vicar of Great Finborough: Suffolk; pleaded b, c

R148. George Whelplay of London, haberdasher v. Simon Bell, vicar of Radipole: Dorset; pleaded b

R149. Thomas Mennys v. Henry Spycer, vicar of Otterton: Devon; pleaded b

Common Pleas
R150. John Whyte v. Robert Palfrey of Lyme Regis, cleric: Dorset; capias, sicut prius capias

R151. Roger Stanhope v. Thomas Draper of Woodton, cleric: Norfolk; capias, b sicut prius capias, c exigent

R152. Richard Burgeyn v. John Dowdeney of Monkleigh, cleric: Devon; capias

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