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C33 Modern Index

compiled by R.C. Palmer; for corrections or additions, please contact rpalmer@uh.edu

Status: Warning! This index is a mere first-pass transcription from the IND1 volume, and that volume remains available on the AALT. The IND1 volume of course has the occasional error, and the transcription process is not perfect. This modern index will, hopefully, eventually be replaced by a corrected version, but is made available now the benefits it may have.

Use: Remember that (1) the spelling is not regularized, so that a researcher must check alternate spellings of a name and (2) there is not one index, but two indices: one for plaintiffs, one for defendants. Both must be checked. Both can be cross-checked with the IND1 volume.

The one term index can be used for surrounding terms. If one finds a relevant person as defendant in Michaelmas 1606, one can find the same case then by searching for the plaintiff in that case in the IND1 casename index (on AALT) for surrounding terms.

Improvement: Individuals who identify errors may e-mail rpalmer@uh.edu. Anyone who has the initiative may take this initial transcription and fill in the given names and regularize the spelling. It would be advisable to check at rpalmer@uh.edu first, however, to avoid duplication of effort. Others may also do mere transcriptions of other terms and years, under the identical advice of checking first at rpalmer@uh.edu. All work on these indices will be attributed to the researcher.

Michaelmas: Plaintiffs, Defendants