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There are three pages concerning Chancery final decrees on the WAALT.

1. Chancery final decrees have been accumulated into chronolists that, year by year, list the individual decrees in chronological order regardless of their position in different rolls. Compiling the chronolists is a long process, and it will be some time before they are complete, although over half are now done. For the chronolists, go to Chancery Final Decrees

2. The decree rolls themselves (both C78s and C79s) are available by catalog number. This listing is generally only useful if you are looking up a reference and need a particular roll. Otherwise, the rolls are so jumbled chronologically (both roll to roll and within any given roll) that researching by going through roll after roll is exceedingly difficult. The listing of rolls is at Chancery Final Decree Rolls

3. Chancery worked up finding aids for their own internal purposes. the material available in the finding aids is arranged alphabetically by first name of the plaintiff, but only by the first letter of the name. Some of the plaintiff-arranged finding aids contain notes about the subject matter of the case. Some of the finding aids concern places. The finding aids concerning places will remain relevant for a long time. The finding aids concerning just plaintiffs will be outdated as the chronolists are completed. the finding aids are at C78-9 Finding Aids

Chancery Decree Rolls
David Waddilove contributed the images for rolls 55-86 and 133-138, together with the images for the IND1s.

The material used for the first parts of the chronolists were prepared long ago, for rolls 1-79 by PRO staff, for rolls 86-130 by Richard Hoyle and Mark Morris, and for rolls 131 forward by Maurice Beresford and the PRO. They were not published, but were later scanned and put through OCR. The resulting rtf files contained numerous errors introduced by the OCR process. Many of those errors have been corrected, but some undoubtedly remain. The results are produced here by permission, with the reecognition that they are not perfect but are extremely useful.