FTP Information

This website allows for two different modes of access: browsing the documents online or downloading whole volumes or plea rolls to your own computer. Downloading the documents allows you to minimize time on the internet (if you are charged for time online) and to work on the documents in places where you do not have access to the internet. However, downloading documents will also consume significant space on your hard drive.

If you decide to download whole documents, you should download via ftp, and you will need ftp software. Free ftp software is available online; sites can be found by going to Google and searching for "free ftp software."

For ftp purposes, the user name is AALT, the password is Openaccess4u, and the ftp host name is aalt.law.uh.edu. Alternatively, you may try ftp://aalt:openaccess4u@aalt.law.uh.edu.
Although the file structure was fairly intuitive, it has become somewhat more complicated. The first documents were arranged in folders by reign; the relevant folders at the beginning were all in the main folder AALT and were:

E1: Edward I
E2: Edward II
E3: Edward III
R2: Richard II
H4: Henry IV
H5: Henry V
H6: Henry VI
E4: Edward IV
E5: Edward VI
R3: Richard III
H7: Henry VII
H8: Henry VIII
E6: Edward VI
M: Mary and Phillip and Mary
Eliz: Elizabeth
J1: James I
C1: Charles I

For technical reasons, subsequent acquisitions have had to be placed in a different drive that appears as a subfolder of the main AALT folder called AALT1. AALT1 contains another set of folders for most reigns, so that all folders for each reign are not together. Future acquisitions will appear likewise in new drives that will appear as subfolders in the AALT folder called AALT2, AALT3, etc. If you're looking for a particular document to download via ftp, first look for that document online to ascertain whether its address is in AALT or AALT/AALT1. The complications stem from technical issues and the decision to spread acquisitions over the whole period to serve a broader segment of researchers instead of beginning in the earliest year and proceeding forward collecting all material at once.

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