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Wardrobe and Household
This page joins the various wardrobe and household accounts available on the AALT from the series E361, E364, E372, and E101. The E361, E364, and E372 series are completed as far as the wardrobe and household materials are concerned. The E101s are in progress. There are a couple other series with such accounts that are not included in the AALT license. Material from the memoranda rolls are not included on this page, but are available on the AALT. Document summaries come from TNA.

Henry III

Year E361: King's Wardrobe Detail E101:_KR_Accounts_Various Detail E372:_Pipe_Rolls
Accounts of Wardrobe and Household
Temp Henry III
1216 E101/349/4 Misae roll concerning Bristol castle: Oct. 1216 - Oct. 1217
1235 E372/79 Walter de Kirkham: 1233-1236
1236 E372/80 Walter de Kirkham: 1235-1237
1236 E101/349/5 Extract from the Red Book, the coronation of Queen Eleanor: Oct. 1235 - Oct. 1236 E372/81 Brother Geoffrey: 1236-1238
1239 E372/83 Brother Geoffrey: 1237-1240
1244 E372/88 Peter Chaceporc: 1241-1245
1251 (a) E101/349/6;
(b) E101/349/7;
(c) E101/349/8;
(d) E101/349/9;
(e) E101/349/10;
(f) E101/349/11;
(g) E101/349/12;
(h) E101/349/13;
(i) E101/349/14;
(j) E101/349/15;
(k) E101/349/16;
(l) E101/349/17;
(m) E101/349/18;
(n) E101/349/19;
(o) E101/349/20;
(p) E101/349/21;
(a) Inventory of salt cellars: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(b) Account of Robert de Chaury (cups remaining in queen's possession; names of those to whom cups were given): Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1252;
(c) Roll of Robert de Chaury of the private bounties of the queen: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1252;
(d) Roll of Robert de Chaury of money received: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1252;
(e) Rolls of fruits and electuaries: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(f) Roll of rings: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(g) Rolls of clasps: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(h) Roll of girdles: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(i) Roll of cups: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(j) Roll of dishes and basins: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(k) Expenses of the queen's household: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(l) The queen's oblations: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(m) Expenses of the queen: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(n) Expenses of the queen's chamber: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
(o) Expense of repairs to the queen's carriage and vehicles of the household: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253
(p) Roll of jewels purchased: Oct. 1251 - Oct. 1253;
E372/88 Peter Chaceporc: 1244-1252
1252 (a) E101/349/22;
(b) E101/349/23;
(c) E101/349/24;
(d) E101/349/25
(a) Expenses of the queen's household: Oct. 1252 - Oct. 1253;
(b) Roll of wine measures: Oct. 1252 - Oct. 1253;
(c) The queen's oblations and alms: Oct. 1252 - Oct. 1253;
(d) Roll of various vessels and measures in gold and silver
1255 E372/99 Artaldus de St. Romano: 1254-1256
1256 E101/349/26 Roll of Alexander de Brodeham relating to rings: Oct. 1256 - Oct. 1263
1257 E361/1 Account of Aubrey de Fecamp and Peter de Winchester, clerks of king's wardrobe: Oct. 1257 - Oct. 1261 E101/349/27 Account of expenses of the household: Oct. 1257 - Oct. 1260
1264 (a) E101/349/28;
(b) E101/349/29;
(c) E101/349/30
(a) Account of Ralph de Sandwico, keeper of the wardrobe: Oct. 1264 - Oct. 1265;
(b) Roll of expenses: Oct. 1264 - Oct. 1265;
(c) Payments to falconers and huntsmen, and alms and oblations: Oct. 1264 - Oct. 1265
1269 E372/113 Henry de Gandavo: 1260-1265
1270 E372/114 Ralph de Sandwico: 1264-1265
1271 E372/115 Nicholas de Leukenore: 1264-1268
1272 E372/116 Peter de Wintonia: 1267-1272
Year E361: King's Wardrobe Detail E101 Detail E372 Detail

Documents are listed by calendar, not regnal year. Commas separate terms within the year and are listed chronologically: Hilary, Easter, Trinity, Michaelmas. Brackets group together documents from the same term. Some series have documents listed more than once, because the individual document contains material from more than one calendar year.