Edward V, 1483: CP40no885A

By Rosemary Simons; Sorted by Action

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Side Image County Case Type Plaintiff Defendant
d 134 [damaged] --, husbandman
d 155 (?) [illegible]
f 94 Cambs(?) B--sson(?), John Screven, Robert(?), of Gu-ton(?), husbandman; Grene(?), William, of Girton(?), husbandman
f 24 Middx Frere, Ralph(?) Dinwod(?), Richard, of Coventry, bowyer; Agnes, his wife
d 177 Heref Knight, Thomas Eye, John
f 32 Norfk Lyster, Simon --, --, gent
d 175 Norfk Wardboys, John, of Ramsey, abbot of the Monastery of Our Lady, St. Benedict and all holy virgins
d 136 Shrops (?) Ludlow alias Qwyte, John, of Haghmond, abbot Broun, John, of Milford, husbandman; Warde, John, of Preston, husbandman
f 17 Essex account as bailiff Howard, Thomas, knight Nele, John, of Dunmowe, husbandman
f 77 Norfk annual rent Kingston, John, of Merton, Surrey, prior of the priory of the BM Coteler, Robert, of Maweteby, parson
f 65 Middx assize of novel disseisin Dean & Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral, London Rotheley, Anna, widow
d 111 Middx assize of novel disseisin Dean & Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral, London Rotheley, Anne, widow
f 17 Essex assumpsit Basset, Robert Frenshe, John, of East Ham, husbandman
d 177 Cornw cessavit per biennium Loure, Nicholas Herny, John
d 177 Cornw cessavit per biennium Loure, Nicholas Herny, John
d 177 Cornw cessavit per biennium Loure, Nicholas Herny, John
d 126 Kent common recovery Palmer, William
f 76 Heref common recovery Chippenham, John; Barton, John Haweke, Richard; Isabel, his wife; Haweke, John, brother of Richard; Margaret, John's wife
d 194 Nhants common recovery Colet, Henry, of London, Alderman; Bradbury, Thomas, of London, mercer Holdiche, Richard, esq; Shirwyn, John, clerk; Seede, Thomas; Horn, Edward
f 87 Soms common recovery Daubeney, Giles, knight; Heyron, John, on their own accounts Boldesore, John; Elizabeth, his wife
d 166 Herts common recovery Farnham, William; Mylis, John, on their own account Bogeys, Robert
f 71 common recovery Frenne, Thomas Palmer, William
d 160 Hunts common recovery Fuller, John, on his own account Carre, John; Alice, his wife
d 193 Warws common recovery Graunt, Agnes, widow; Graunt, William Mower, Thomas, of Southam; Margaret, his wife
d 158 Yorks common recovery Metcalf, Miles; Knyght, Leonard, on their own account Burgh, William, esq
f 103 Devon common recovery More, John Broun, Christine, formerly wife of Richard Broun
f 23 Oxon common recovery Raynford, William, esq, on his own account Osbourne, Richard
f 73 common recovery Spencer, John --, Richard, knight
d 165 Warws common recovery Spencer, John; Spenser, John, junior Cotes, John, gent
f 102 Nhants common recovery Stok, William, knight Fermour, William, of Warmyngton
f 36 Nhants concord Barlowe, James; Alice, his wife Sutton, Oliver, esq
f 37 Gloucs concord Bysseley, Thomas, gent; wynston, John, junior; Margery, his wife; Payne, Thomas; Margery, his wife Cole, Willia
f 36 Warws concord Cotes, John, son of Thomas Cotes, esq; Joayce, his wife Underhull, John
f 37 Essex concord Crakbon, Richard, of White Notleigh; Joan, his wife; Kenes or Keves, Robert, of Tuterden, Kent; Agnes, his wife Bolle, John, senior, of Chelmesford, dyer
f 37 Hants concord Goryng, John, senior; Goryng, John, junior; Vernon, William; Joan, his wife Bray, Reginald
f 35 Herts concord Henyworth, John; Margaret, his wife Sheldon, Richard, senior
f 36 Essex concord Herry, John; Joan, his wife Jopson, Thomas
f 35 Essex concord Hervy, Richard; Anne, his wife Person, John
f 36 Lincs concord Misterton, John; Agnes, his wife Broun, William
f 35 Sussex concord Silver, William; Matilda, his wife Silver, John
f 35 Surrey concord Stevenson, Richard; Margaret, his wife; Warboys, William; Bate, Thomas Thetcher, John
f 35 Essex concord Wattes, John, of Bulsan; Joan, his wife Bass, John
f 35 Bristol concord Wykes, John, esq; Matilda, his wife Grene, John
f 34 Nhants debt --, --, merchant Seman, John, of Wykeyn, mercer
d 131 London debt --, --, of London, mercer Trandrs, John
f 30 London debt --, --, of London, mercer, adminstrator of; (---, George; Barnet, Richard, gent) Sayn--, John, of Lincoln, gent; Andrewe, William, of London, grocer; Fl--t--(?), William, of Wye, Kent
f 31 Norfk(?) debt ---, ---, of Norwich, fuller Goldsmyth, ---, of Suffolk, merchant; Goldsmyth, William, of Metyngham, Suff, yeoman; Goldsmyth, Richard, yeoman; Goldsmith, John, of ---croft
d 174 Norfk debt ---, John, prior of the church, in ---, ---, of East Bylney, yeoman; ---, ----, of Hynlyngham, husbandman; --, Thomas; Toppe-, John, of Wygg(?); & possibly others
f 34 Nhants debt --, Th--(?) Messenger(?), John, of Haryngworth, chapman; Bo---, John; B--, John, of Haryngworth, husbandman; Denn-olby, Johh, of Middelton by Ryyngham, butcher
f 34 Nhants debt ---, William, prior(?) Cook, Henry, of Stavererton, Cook, ---, of Staverton; Cook, ---, of Staverton, husbandman & son of Henry
d 183 vacat debt --. --,. mercer ---, John(?)
d 134 debt [damaged] Aslak(?), Thomas, of Eligh, yeoman(?); Owynte(?), William; another, of Norfolk, gent; ---, Thomas, of Suffolk, yeoman
d 134 Norwich debt [damaged] Hoste, Stephen, of Norwich, merchant
f 30 debt [obscured] Brawens, John, of Northamptonshire; Barbour, John, of Warwick
f 30 debt [obscured] Russell, Robert
f 31 Norwich debt Albon, Edmund, clerk Pulleham, John, of Framlyngham, Suff, yeoman
d 176 Gloucs debt Alen, Thomas, wool man, of Stowe St Edward Danys, William, of Durseley, merchant; Harper, Roger, of Axlrn---, merchant; Twynnyng, John, of Cirencester, chapman; Rede alias Swyer, William, of Todyngton, husbandman
d 144 London debt Aleyn, John, of Ludlowe, Shrops, esq Forster, Richard, junior, of Bristol, merchant
152 Kent debt Alsegh, John Pyttesey, Richard, of Chaldewell, Essex, husbandman
f 32 Norwich debt Alycok, Thomas --, R--, yeoman; another, of Norfolk; another, of Suffolk, baker
f 93 Cambs debt Alyngton, William Baasset, Robert, of Barton, Suff, husbandman
f 29 debt Ank--y(?), Richard ---, ---; Robenet, John, of Bristol, heberdasher; Dyer, John, of Colbroke, mercer; another, chapman
f 85 Heref debt ap Gwylym Morgan, David Treyayron, Thomas, gent
f 53 Sussex debt Argent, Clement, clerk Couper, William, of Chichester, clerk
d 142 Middx debt Assh, John, gent Danyell, Thomas, of London, dyer
f 92 London debt Assh, Reginald, of London, mercer Abingdon, John, abbot of the Monastery of the BM, in
f 55 London debt Asshe, Reginald, of London, mercer Dunster, John, of Canterbury, abbot of the monastery of St Augustine
f 50 Sussex debt atte Well, Thomas, of Lewes, prior of the monstery of St Pancras Lye, John, of Great Canfield, Essex, yeoman
f 51 Sussex debt atte Well, Thomas, of Lewes, prior of the monstery of St Pancras Mylle, John, of West Hothelegh, yeoman; Cater, Edmund, of Lewys, yeoman
d 150 London debt Aunsham, Richard, of London, mercer Dunster, John, of Canterbury, abbot of the monastery of St Augustine
f 93 London debt Avere(?) Clathypp(?), Nicholas(?) Pay, John, of Bristol, merchant
d 183 London debt Barles, Nicholas, of London, skinner Loryng, John, of T-rle or Tyrell(?), Beds, gent
f 45 London debt Basset, Robert, of London, Alderman Lee, Thomas, of London, haberdasher; Stapleherst, Henry, of London, pewterer; Lee, William, of London, haberdasher; Sprynge, Robert, of Hadley, Suff, clothman
d 131 London debt Basset, Robert, of London, Alderman Ley, John, of Bristol, merchant; Ayleton, Thomas, of Abendon, Berks, gent
f 44 Middx debt Basset, Robert, of London, Alderman; Foster, Robert, of London, gent Daniel(?), Thomas, of London, dyer
f 33 Nhants debt Basshe, John; Empson, William --, Clement, husbandman
d 133 Norfk debt Baxter, Henry, of the town of Lenn, Norf, paten maker Wilkynson, Alan, of Boston, Lincs, merchant
f 13 Leics debt Baylys, William, of London, grocer Rede, Gilbert, of Milton Mowbray, chapman
d 184 London debt Bentley, William, of London, grocer Skylman, Richard, of London, stock fishmonger; Hawode, Hught, of Bukingham, Bucks, dyer; Attelbury, William, of Buckingham, dyer; ---, William, of Henley on Thames, Oxon, dyer; Terry, John, junior, of Buckingham, chapman
d 132 London debt Benyngton, John South, John, of Devon, brass worker
d 116 Suffk debt Berywe, John, of Bury St Edmunds, goldsmith Pyke, Wiliam, of Bury St Edmunds, butcher; Hempston, Elizabeth, of Rougham, widow; Yerdeby, John, of Bury St Edmunds, dyer; Roket, John, of Bury St Edmunds, bed weaver; Aylwyn, John, of Bury St Edmunds, weaver
d 184 London debt Billesden, Robert, of London, alderman --, --, of Leicester, Leics, mercer; Thrompton, Johjn, of Coventry, chapman; Braunston, John, of Abyngdon, Berks; another, of Oxford, skinner; Swyfte, ---, of Lichefeld, Staffs, mercer
d 135 Staffs debt Billlesdon, Robert, of London, haberdasher Malyn, Thomas, of Lichfeld, mercer
f 32 Norwich debt Blake, Simon, gent Kyllyngham, William, of Honyng, Norf, yeoman
f 29 London debt Bolle alias Bolley, William, of London, haberdasher, executors of; (Acton, Thomas, gent; Reames, James, of London, marbler; Alder, Richard; Gertrude, his wife, formerly wife of Testator) Stephenson, Alexander, of Lemstre, Herefs, maker of something; Botell, Richard, of Worsetur, Devon, tailor; Hakyluyt, Ralph, of Leominster, esq; Bolyer, John, of Longford Layster, Devon, gent
d 149 London debt Bothe, Richard, esq, executors of; (Bothe, Robert of London, clerk; Hyll, Thomas, bachelor of decretals & Master) Neuporte, George, of Pelham Furneux, Herts, esq
d 150 London debt Botyller, John Devereus, Walter, of London, knight & Lord Ferrers
f 5 Kent debt Breit, Robert; Braite, William Feykyn, Robert, of Berhem
f 46 London debt Broughton, John Hampden, Thomas, of Great Kymbell, Bucks, gent; Bryan, Richard, of Bledlowe, Bucks, gent
d 114 Beds debt Broughton, John, esq Dyer, William, of Houghton Conquest, husbandman; Wreve alias Michell, John, of Houghton Conquest, husbandman; Couper, John, of Houghton Conquest, husbandman; Clerke, John, of Houghton Conquest, husbandman
f 7 Beds debt Broughton, John, esq Grygge, John, senior, of Flamsted, Herts, skinner; Michell, John, of Wokyngham, Berks, belmaker
f 6 Beds debt Broughton, John, esq Kyne, Henry, of Princes Risborough, Bucks, yeoman; Pynchon, William, of Princes Risborough, chapman
f 6 Beds debt Broughton, John, esq Wakeman, Isabel, of Dunstaple, widow; Lenard, John, of Dunstaple, inn holder
f 7 Beds debt Broughton, John, of Todyngden Hampden, Thomas, of Great Kymbell, Bucks, gent; Bryan, Richard, of Bledlowe, Bucks, gent; Knoyell, Thomas, of Cuymnor, Oxon, gent
d 150 London debt Broun, Hugh, of London, mercer Gardyner, John, of Covold, Sussex, yeoman; Berd, Thomas, of Shermanbury, Sussex, yeoman; Berd, Edward, of Shermanbury, yeoman; Porter, Edmund, of Covold, yeoman
f 51 Sussex debt Broun, John; Wyldebore, Thomas, of Southnover near Lewes Onyet or Ouyet, William, of Lewes, yeoman; Onyet or Ouyet, Thomas, of Lewes, yeoman & son of William, butcher; Knyght, Patrick, of Lewes, yeoman
d 147 London debt Brown, Hugh, of London, mercer Plymmyswode, John, of Durley, Gloucs, chapman; atte Hill, John, of Brodewater, Sussex, chapman; Myllis, John, of Stafford, Staffs, chapman
f 7 Bucks debt Brudenell, Druge or Druce, of Ranys or Raans near Amersham, Bucks Bommdon---, Richard, of Drayton Parslowe, yeoman; Bamell, Thomas, of Burnam, fuller; Banell, Richard, of Chepyng Wycombe, draper
f 7 Beds debt Brudenell, Robert Lowes, Henry, of Milnoe in Dunton, yeoman; Hasard, Walter, of Shefford, yeoman
f 7 Beds debt Brudenell, Robert More, John, of Clopham, husbandman; Goion or Goron, Thomas, of Clopham, husbandman; Fere, Richard, Richard, of Clopham, husbandman
f 6 Beds debt Brudinell, Robert Stratton, Thomas, of Marston Morten, tailor; Else, John, of Marston Mortaine, husbandman; Nassh, Simon, of Woburn Chapel, husbandman; Capon, John, of Merston Morten, husbandman
d 177 Heref debt Bryd, John, executor of Walter Brugge, of Neweton, executor of; (Scarlet, John) a Badam, John, of Welley, barber(?)
f 82 Norfk debt Brygge, John, clerk Bakton, Simon, of Great Yarmouth, merchant
f 82 Norfk debt Brygge, John, clerk Chapelyn, Geoffrey, of Beccles, Suff, yeoman
d 148 Middx debt Burgeys, John, of Straftofd atte Bowe, baker John, Geoffrey, of Schalden, Hants, clerk & rector; Russhe, Robert, of Stondon, Herts, yeoman; Columbe, Edmund, of Straford Langthorn, Essex, yeoman
f 49 London debt Burgoyn, Thomas, of London, mercer Bartrym, Robert, of Penreth, Cumbr, yeoman
d 144 London debt Burgoyn, Thomas, of London, mercer Southwyk, Robert, of Penreth, Cumbr, gent
f 51 Surrey debt Burre, John, of London, butcher Egliston, Ralph, of Wandesworth, tanner
f 9 Suffk debt Busshop, John, of Norwich, gent; Garneys, John, of Wydyrden, gent Qwynt, John, of Beccles, butcher; Qwynt, Robert, of Beccles, yeoman
f 26 Sussex debt Byrchefeld, Thomas B--per(?), Henry, of Stordton, husbandman
d 171 Herts debt Byrchemore, Richard, of Hemlamsted or Hemel Hempstead, husbandman Oker, William, of St Albans, draper
d 121 Essex debt Cantlowe, Geoffrey Nytyngale, William, of Alvetheley, butcher; Pert, William, of Alvethelea, gent; Smyth, William, of Alvethelee, tailor
d 141 London debt Cantlowe, Henry, of London, mercer Leukenore, Thomas, of Tratton, Sussex, esq; Joan, his wife; Noke, John, of Sittingbourne, Kent, yeoman; Jordan, John, of Raynham, Kent, shipman; Mercer alias Jelys, Joan, of Cirencester, Gloucs, widow
d 118 Gloucs debt Cassy, John, esq Hoke, Thomas, of Newent, executrix of; (Hoke, Margaret, of Kylcote, widow)
d 128 Kent debt Chamber, William, of Wroteham, tailor Synggylton, Christopher, of Eynysford, yeoman; Dobson, John, of London, grocer; Carter, Richard, of Under Ryver in Sele, husbandman
f 85 Gloucs debt Chauntrell, John, of Gloucester, merchant Benet, Edmund, of Strode Water, fuller; Tayler, William, of Strode Water, tailor; Barry, Richard, of Gloucester, weaver; Yong, John, of Gloucester, weaver
f 51 Surrey debt Chertsey, Thomas, abbot of the Monastery of St Peter, in Offynton, John, of Ewell, yeoman
f 51 Surrey debt Chertsey, Thomas, abbot of the Monastery of St Peter, in Prud, William, of Basselden, Berks, gent
d 136 Shrops debt Cl---, Thomas Freman alias Robyns, William, of H--- in Upton ---, husbandman
f 33 Shrops debt Clerk, Griffin Taillour, Ewylym, of Shelve; ap Grifith ap Gwylym, John, of Tref-aia(?), yeoman
f 83 Norfk debt Clyfton, Henry, clerk Clyfton, John, senior, of Toftrys, husbandman; Levenes, John, of Langham, husbandman; Harydauns, William, of Fakenham, yeoman; Heylott, John, of Toftrys, husbandman
f 11 Gloucs debt Coke, Robert, clerk Spenser, John, of Bysshoppys Cleve, husbandman
d 143 London debt Coldham, Robert, of London, fishmonger Kelsale, Robert, of Hatfeld Broadoak, Essex, yeoman; Herny, John, of Welles, Soms, esq
f 66 London debt Cole, Thomas Smyth, John, of Wilden, Beds, husbandman, executors of; (Smyth, Robert, of London, draper; Smyth, Elizabeth, of Wilden, widow)
d 127 Sussex debt Combe, Thomas Upton, Henry, of Sulesbury, Hants, gent
d 128 Sussex debt Combes, Thomas B---tys, ---, of Boxgrove(?), yeoman
d 133 Norfk debt Cook, Thomas, of Wytton; Cook, William, of Wyton Gogy, William, of Honyng, laborer; Ryall, William, of Honyng, laborer; Ryall, John, of Honyng, cooper
d 144 London debt Corbet, William, of London, ironmonger, executrix of; (Corbet, Agnes, formerly wife of Testator) Monford, John, of Northampton, Nhants, merchant; Tyherst, John, of Tunbregge, Kent, husbandman
f 86 Middx debt Costantyne, Ralph Samwell, John, of London, gent
d 131 London debt Cotman, William Lakyn, William, of Westminster, Middx, esq; Jordyn(?), William, of Westminster, tailor
f 25 Sussex debt Cotyng, John Hall, James, of Wadeherst, husbandman; Alen, John, of Tyseherst, wheeler
f 9 Suffk debt Crane, Richard Masshyon, Stephen, of Bechvesale?/, mercer; Masshyon, Robert, of Bocclvesdale, yeoman
d 136 Staffs debt Cresley, William, of London Grenewey, Richard, of Halghton alias Lapley, gent
d 136 Shrops debt Cresset(?), Robert(?) Wyrley, Robert, of Briggenorth, draper; Wyr--, William, of Worfeld, husbandman
d 114 Oxon debt Croke or Broke, Robert Ewyk, Thomas, of Horley, husbandman; Draper, Richard, of Wroghton, Berks, woolman
d 137 Staffs debt Crosley, William, of London Grenewey, Richard, of Halghton & of Lapley, gent
f 51 Kent debt Crowemer, James, knight Carkeregge, Staphen, of Cranbrook, clothman; Coweper, Robert, of Cranbrook, clothman
f 48 London debt Danver or Dauber, Richard, gent Langton, Richard, of London, draper
f 83 Norfk debt de la Pole, John, of Lincoln, Earl Thorn, Robert, of Wymondham, butcher
f 26 Kent debt de Leve, William, clerk --, --, of Penshurst, husbandman; Godfry-, John, of Lamberherst, husbandman
f 53 Surrey debt Denton, John, esq Echynham, Thomas, of Echyngham, knight
f 44 London debt Derlyngton, Robert Rough, Robert, of Sheryngham, Norf, yeoman; Gille, Richard, of Lye, Essex, husbandman; Grene, H--, of Aldenham, Herts, husbandman
d 147 London debt Derlyngton, Robert, of London, fishmonger Dey, Thomas, of London, pasteler or piebaker or pastry cook; Yong, William, of London, gent; Baldwyn, William, of West Ham, Essex, yeoman
f 84 Heref debt Downe, Thomas, of Brampton, Hunts, parson & clerk Pent, Edmund, of Hitchin, Herts, yeoman; Aleyn, John, of St Neots, Hunts, mercer; Festome(?), Thomas, of Kymmolton, Hunts, draper
f 84 Heref debt Downe, Thomas, of Brampton, Hunts, parson & priest Pent, Edmund, of Hitchin, Herts, yeoman; Aleyn, John, of St Neots, Hunts, mercer; Festome(?), Thomas, of Kymmolton, Hunts, draper
f 79 Essex debt Draper, John, of London, skinner Spyn, Thomas, of Colchester, gent; Kebill, John, of Earls Colne, dyer; Beer, John, of Branktre, smith; Swerer, John, of Sebellis Hedyngham, smith
d 134 Norwich debt Drolle, John, of Norwich, Alderman, executor of Richard Broun, of Norwich, Alderman & merchant, executor of; (Cossey, Henry, clerk & Master) Wayneflete, John, of Southwold, suff, merchant
d 122 Herts debt Druell, William, esq Clopton, William, of Clopton, Cambs, gent
f 43 London debt Dryland, Richard, gent, on his own account Abbot, Thomas, of Stebbyng, Essex, yeoman
d 121 Essex debt Dryland, Richard, on his own account Frenssh, John, of East Ham, skinner
d 183 Middx debt Duke, Thomas Duke, John, of Ryslypp, husbandman
f 17 Essex debt Ederich, John, of Coggeshale, abbot of the monastery of the BM; Montgomery, Thomas, knight Lynsey, John, senior, of Heybregge, yeoman; B-rham, Henry, of Longford, yeoman; Pagett, Thomas, of Wykham, yeoman
d 128 Kent debt Egerden, Thomas Wergtis(?), Henry, husbandman; --, William, husbandman; another, husbandman
f 85 Gloucs debt Eode, Walter, executrix of; (Ede, Agnes) Stephens, William, of Chipping Campden, weaver, executors of; (Haukesby, John, of Chepyng Campden, yeoman; Agnes, his wife)
f 32 Norwich debt Eston, Robert, of Norwich --, --, of Norwich, draper; another
d 159 Devon debt Exeter, Dean & Chapter of the Cathedral Hengestote or Heugescote, John
d 192 Suffk debt Fastolfe, Thomas, esq Bomevill, Richard, of Emton, Suff,
f 101 Suffk debt Fastolffe, Thomas, esq Jenney, William, of Theberton, Suff, gent & serjeant at law
f 48 Middx debt Fereby, John; Conyngesby, Humphrey Besels, William, of Beselysbye, Berks, gent; Hyde, John, of Dencheworth, Berks, gent
d 175 Norfk debt Ferrour, John, senior,of Gressenahle Barker alias Feltwell, Robert, of East Bylney, yeoman; Caboche, Thomas, of East Bylney, yeoman; Playford, John, of Bryslee, laborer
d 133 Norwich debt Ferrour, Richard, of Norwich, Alderman Fydyon alias Sadyllar, Thomas, of Norwich, dyer; Hendry, Thomas, of Norwich, tallow chandler; Geyton, James, of East Rudham, Norf, yeoman; Cley, Robert, of Folsham, Norf, smith
d 146 London debt fitz Herbert, Robert, of London, draper Hart, John, of London, clothier; Gorney, Richard, of London, clothier
f 92 London debt fitz Herbert, Robert, of London, draper Hert, John, of London, clothier; Gornay, Richard, of London, clothier
d 144 London debt fitz Herbert, Robert, of London, draper Hert, John, of London, clothier; Gorney, Richard, of London, clothier
d 145 Middx debt Flemyng, Robert, of London, mercer Poule, Thomas, of Mildenhale, Suff, mercer; Sutton, Isabel, of Mildenhale, widow
f 79 Herts debt Fordham, John Gibbe, Richard, of Stortford, maltman; Cook, Thomas, of Hunnesden, husbandman; Bulbroke, John, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, skinner; Stevyn, John, of Eydon Boys, Essex, husbandman; Sai-hard, John, of Berle, Herts, husbandman
d 171 Essex debt Forster, William, of Wrytell, gent Fuller, Edmund, of Brendewode, parish clerk
f 26 Kent debt Fouke or Foule(?), Nicholas Geld---, Richard, of Pepyngbury, shoemaker; Alkn(?), Thomas, of Pepyngbery; ---, Thomas, of Sussex, husbandman; Wem--er, Robert, of Cranbrook; Ford, Thomas, of Merden(?), tailor
f 38 Middx debt Foweler, John, of London, skinner Lovelas, William, of Kynges Dowen, Kent, gent; Fountayn, William, of London, gent
f 25 Surrey debt Fox, John, sheerman Hilton, William, of Suthwerk
f 6 Beds debt Fox, William, of Eyton, bailiff Ferley, John, of Dunstaple, husbandman
f 9 Suffk debt Frense, John, clerk Skeppere, William, of Thetford, Norf, yeoman
f 39 Cambs debt Frevyle, Margaret, widow Miller, George, of Sauston, miller; Gervays, Robert, of Cambridge, brewer; Howelynge, John, of Cambridge, brewer
d 151 Kent debt Fuller, Thomas, of London, mercer Noke, John, senior, of Sittingbourne, yeoman
f 32 Norwich debt Gedney, John; Agnes, his wife Gunton, Peter, of Norwich, yeoman
f 80 Essex debt Glasyer, Thomas --, Edmund, of Chelmesford, husbandman; Kelyng, Richard, of Mulsham, fuller;Multon, John, of Little Badowe, husbandman; --, Henry, of Essex, smith; --, Thomas, glover
d 118 Gloucs debt Gloucester, William, abbot of the monastery of St Peter, in Hore, Thomas, of Gloucester, yeoman; Anne, his wife
f 92 London debt Glover, John, of London, mercer Eliott, Henry, of Wonersh, Surr, gent; Gl---, Roger, of Shalford, Surr, gent
d 114 Beds debt Goodere, John, senior, of Hadleyght or Hadley, Middx, gent Shyn--lherst, Nicholas, of Dunstabyll, Beds, husbandman; Colyns, William, of Dunstabyll, husbandman
f 83 Norfk debt Gore, Robert Magnus, Icholas, of Felbrygge, shepherd, executors of; (Magnus, Joan, of Felbrygge, widow; Goos, Thomas, of Bodham, husbandman)
d 146 London debt Gose, John, of London, mercer Furbysshour, John, of Norwich, grocer; Terre, John, junior, of Buckingham, Bucks, chapman
d 149 London debt Goule alias Gowle, Richard, of London, mercer Baker, Robert, of Branktre, Essex, tailor; Kelsale, Robert, of Hatfeld Broadoak, Essex, gent & bailiff of the Manor of Stoke on Tarne, Shrops; Boteler, Adam, of Sudbury, Suff, butcher
f 49 London debt Goule, Richard, of London, mercer Smyth, John, of Myldenhale, Suff, chapman; Poule, Thomas, of Mildenhale, chapman
f 49 London debt Gowele, Richard, mercer York, John, of Raumesbury, Wilts, gent; Hetton, Richard, of St Osithe, Essex, husbandman
d 171 Essex debt Gowle, Richard, of London, mercer; Tylney, Ralph, of London, grocer Newton, John, of St Osithe, abbot of the Monastery
f 41 London debt Gramonger or Eramenger, John, of London, draper, executors of; (Gramon--r, Joan, widow, formerly wife of Testator; Bray, William, draper) Lovelas, William, of Kynges Doune, Kent, gent
f 49 London debt Graunt, Richard, of London, salter Caryour, John, of Lemster, Herefs, carrier; Tokre, John, of Frome Selwood, carrier; Bulkyn, Hugh, of Webley, Herefs, hosier; Styler, Henry, of Bradwey, Gloucs, husbandman; Assheford, John, of Water Lambehith or Lambeth, Surr, beer brewer
f 99 Nhants debt Grene, Richard, of Stegton, clerk; Neweton, Richard, of Pepsr-m, Beds Clerk, Thomas, of Weden Beck, yeoman; Campyon, Simon, of Weden Beck, yeoman; P--, William, of Wedon Beck, yeoman
f 95 Norfk debt Grene, Roger Elys, William, of Braunston, Suff, smith
d 132 London debt Grenerode, John Phylypp, John, of Durysley, Gloucs, cothman
d 131 London debt Grenerode, John, of Hansa in Cologne, merchant; Grevefode, Adrian, of Hanse in Cologne, merchant Smyth, John, of Bristol, dyer; Dayse, John, of Colchester, Essex, cloth maker
d 176 Gloucs debt Grove, John, of Cirencester, goldsmith ap David alias Lloid, Morris, of Worcester, Worcs, weaver; Phylip, Morgan, of Sher Newton in Lower Wencia in Wales; Hurdylston, William, of Fegreford, yeoman; Curtes, Robert, of Latton, husbandman
f 10 Suffk debt Grygge alias Stubard, John, of Bury St Edmunds, wool man, executor of; (Berewey, William, of Bury St Edmunds, cloth maker) Belcham, Gregory, of Hadleye, fuller; Wryte, John, of Lavenham, fuller & sheerman
f 9 Suffk debt Grygge, John, of Bury St Edmunds, wool man, executor of; (Berewey, William, fuller) Broun alias Worlych, Richard, of Wykhambrock in Denham, wool man
d 127 Sussex debt Gunter(?), William Brekynshawe, Richard, of South Malling, yeoman
f 79 Herts debt Gybbesworth, Thomas, esq Joodde, William, of King's Walden, husbandman; Lawe, William, of Hycchyn, tile maker; Fewaler, William, of Preston, tile maker
d 116 Suffk debt Gylys, Robert Chaloner, William, of Raydon, chaplain
f 96 Norfk debt Habbys, James(?), clerk Clowe, Henry, of Holme-next-the-Sea, husbandman; Coxforth, Thomas, of Holme next the Sea, tailor
f 11 Cornw debt Hamet, John Buketon, Thomas, of St Stephens by Saltaysh, husbandman
d 122 Herts debt Hamond, John, jun Wyghte, William, of Edmonton, Middx, maltman
f 7 Beds debt Hanley, William C--ent, John(?), of Houghton Conquest, drover; Chaw, Robert, of Hawnes, gent; Michell, John, of Houghton Conquest, drover
f 16 Herts debt Hanley, William Sparner, John, of Asshewell, tailor; Lecheworth, John, of Asshwell, butcher; Wynter, John, of Asshewell, yeoman
f 16 Herts debt Hanley, William, of Asshewell, draper Arneborowgh, Robert, of Stepul Nordon, Cambs, husbandman; Cristemas, Richard, of Stepul Nordon, yeoman; Totalle, John, of Stepul Norden, husbandman; Bryggis, Thomas, of Gyldyn Morden, Cambs, husbandman
f 13 Derbs debt Harker, William, executor of; (Kyndre, John, of Brampton) Smyth, William, of Brampton, smith
d 174 Norfk debt Harre, Thomas, of Canston Harrowe, John, of Norwich
d 122 Essex debt Hartburn, Robert, clerk Horell, John, of Wodford, hakeney man; Rysshewe, John, of North Weld, butcher; Hobbys, John, of Neton Folyot, Middx, butcher; Pelham, John, of Navestoke, tanner
d 183 Middx debt Hattaclyff(?), William, of the King's Hospice, Master & clerk, executrix of; (Yatelys--(?), Elizabeth, formerly wife of William Yatelys-- or Mattlyff(?) ) Williamson(?), John, of the King's Hospice(?), Westminster(?), esq
d 145 Middx debt Haukyns, John Charleton, Richard, of London, knight; Lyvelord, Robert, of Suthwerke, Surrey, gent
d 182 London debt Heed, Henry Purser, John, of Hychyn, Herts, smith; Chaunceller, John, of Stevenache, Herts, smith; Brigge, Thomas, of Colnay, Herts, husbandman; Elson, William, of Selsowe or Silsoe, Beds, husbandman; Reson, John, of Langley in Hychyn, Herts, husbandman
d 170 Essex debt Hendon, William Lynsell, Augustine, of Lynsell, husbandman; Cristem--m, William, of Maldyn, skinner
d 183 London debt Hermytage, William, of London, tailor Oathe(?), Stephen, of Rokkers, Devon, tailor
d 151 Kent debt Herpynghope, John, of Haukherst, smith Wenynden, John, of Hauukherst, butcher; Cobbe, John, of Cranbrook, husbandman
d 157 Norfk debt Hesward, Robert, esq; Robert, Broun, gent Dalle, William, of Bishop's Lenn, merchant
d 185 London debt Heyford, Humphrey, of London, gold smith & Alderman, executors of; (Heryot, William, of London, knight & Alderman; Dunthorn, William) Haseley, Hugh, of Ludlow, Herefs, yeoman; Stalder, John, of Sudbury, Suff, grocer; Symagh, Thomas, of London, belt maker; Clement, Nicholas, of Lewes, Sussex; Wilson, Richard, of Coventry
d 137 Staffs debt Hillesdon, Robert, of London, haberdasher Malyn, Thomas, of Lichfeld, mercer
d 140 Middx debt Horde, Thomas Corbet, Peter, of Lye, Shrops, esq
f 22 Lincs debt Howard, Thomas, knight Idon, William, of Whaplode, husbandman
f 31 Norwich debt Howard, Thomas, knight Skarlet, William, of Hoo, Norf, gent; Jenkyns, William, of Whynbergh, Norf, gent
f 82 Norfk debt Hunne, John Russell, Thomas, of Blytheburgh, Suff, husbandman
d 146 Cambs debt Hyrell, David Arnburgh, Robert, of Hal-ndon, husbandman
f 79 Essex debt Hyrell, David Parker, John, of Waltham Holy Cross, brewer; Achilley, Thomas, of Waltham Holy Cross, yeoman
f 93 Middx debt Isham, Robert, bachelor of decretals Ferymon, Richard, of Bruscowe or Burscough, Lancs, prior of the Priory of the BM
f 93 Middx debt Isham, Robert, bachelor of decretals Whallay, Mathew, of Holand or Upholland, Lancs, prior of the House & church of St Thomas the Martyr
d 118 Heref debt Jakson, Walter Madok, John, of Roose, yeoman; Mayfeld, Thomas, of Great Bowern, husbandman
f 29 debt Jassher(?) --, --, gent
d 170 Herts debt Jenyn, Richard, of Edmonton, Middx, yeoman, executrix of; (Jenyn, Matilda) Lewcas, William, of East Barnet, yeoman
f 31 Norwich debt Jernegan, John, esq Mannyng, John, of Ilketlishale St Andrew, Suff, gent
f 26 Kent debt Jetour, Thomas, administrator of; (Jetour, Simon) Tychewell, Joan, of Poulyscray or St Paul's Cray, widow; Berman, Thomas, of St Mary's Cray, husbandman
f 38 London debt Johnson, Reginald Walrawen, Herman, of London, tailor
f 12 Cornw debt Jon or Ion, Thomas Olyver, William, of Lostwythiell, merchant
f 52 Kent debt Joy, Thomas, of Ledes or Leeds Cornhyll, Stephen, of Merden, husbandman; Rove, Michael, of Merden or Marden, husbandman
d 175 Norfk debt Jullys, John, clerk Fuller, William, of Hyndolveston, yeoman
d 127 Kent debt Kent, sheriff of, esq Fyssher, William, husbandman, administratrix of; (Fyssher, Margery, of Sussex, widow)
d 142 London debt Kesyng, Thomas, of London, mercer Clyfdon, John, of Westminster, gent, executors of; (Wylkyns, William, of Immer, Wilts, husbandman; Brent, William, of Warminster, Wilts, gent; Fulnaby, Thomas, of Bristol, merchant; Elizabeth, his wife)
d 185 London debt Kesyng, Thomas, of London, mercer Orme, Richard, of Tylbury, Essex, clerk of the church of St Mary; Kelyngham, William, of Honyng, Norff, yeoman; Wattys, Robert, of Alesham, Norf, husbandman; Colynson, John, of London, tanner; Shawe, William, of Dunham Market, Norf, yeoman
f 93 Cambs debt Kierkeby, John Bate, Edmund, of Abyngdon, husbandman
d 113 Berks debt Lane, Thomas Vyoll, Thomas, executrix of; (Vyoll, Elizabeth, of Maydenhed, widow)
d 132 London debt Langdon, Reginald, of London, girdle & belt maker, executors of; (Wolbek, William, of London, haberdahser; Luyt, Thomas, gent) Baker, Nicholas, of Bristol, gent; Baker, Thomas, of Bristol, spicer
d 151 Kent debt Lee, Thomas Stuphyll, John, of Nether Hardys or Lower Hardres, husbandman
f 43 London debt Lee, William Thornton, John, of Dunstaple, Beds, yeoman
f 53 Surrey debt Leget, Thomas, of London, goldsmith, executors of; (Freban, Robert; Joan, his wife) Ponynges, Edward, of Crayford, Kent, clerk & parson
d 170 Herts debt Ley--, Margaret(?), executor of; (Clopton, John, esq) Spycer, William, of Fynchley, Middx, husbandman; Shepherd(?), Thomas, of Fynchley; Smyth, Richard, of Middlesex, husbandman; Mersshe, William, of Fynchley, husbandman; Shepherd, John, of Fyncheley, pewterer
d 153 Surrey debt Lok, Thomas, of London, mercer Kent, Nicholas, of Wonershe, chapman
d 114 Oxon debt Lupton, Edward, clerk & formerly master of the College of Whytyngton & executors of Gilbert Haydok, clerk, executors of; (Huse, Peter, clerk; Manymase, William, chaplain; Banes, William, chaplain) Pereson, John, of Oxford, clerk, formerly provost of Queen's Hall or College, within Oxford
d 185 Middx(?) debt Luyt, Thomas, of London, gent Ansty, Robert, of Taversham, Cambs, gent; Laurence, John, of Feltham, Middx; Halle, Thomas, of Bekynsfeld; Gregory, John, of Dunstable(?); Alenff(?), ----, of Newton(?), Warws, gent
d 152 Kent debt Lynche, Simon Adcok, John, of Cranbrook, clothmaker; Spaldyng, Robert, of Dover, sadler; Adcok, William, of Stapilherst, clothmaker; Payntour, Thomas of Faversham, draper; Godfrey, John, of Lamberherst, Sussex,yeoman
d 142 London debt Lynster, Robert, of London, skinner Wildon(?), Thomas, of Old Wyndesore, Berks, gent; Tyle, John, of Olde Wyndsore, husbandman
d 133 Norfk debt Mannyng, Thomas, of Hokham Neth, John, of Honger(?), yeoman
f 78 debt Marchall, Margery, of Asshewell, widow; Herell, David, gent; Couper, John, crown valet to the King Edward, the previous king Athurst, Robert, of Horsahm, Sussex, yeoman; Gardener, Thomas, of Rowesper, Sussex, yeoman; Maundell, Thomas, of Horsham, yeoman; Ryehyll, John, of Rokeghey, Sussex, yeoman; Ede, John, of Warnham, Sussex, yeoman
d 122 Herts debt Marchall, Margery, of Asshewell, widow; Herell, David, of Asshewell, gent; Couper, John, Crown Valet Leukenore, Thomas, of Goryng, Sussex, esq; Newdegate, Henry, of Roweghey, Sussex, esq
f 78 debt Marchall, Margery, of Asshewell, widow; Hyrell, David, gent; Couper, John, crown valet to the King Edward, the previous king Roos, Henry, of London, knight; Leukenore, Thomas, of Goryng, Sussex, esq
f 13 Coventry debt Marler, Henry Ber-ton, Thomas, of Stffard(?), Cheshire, chapman; Ellelt(?), Thomas, of Preston in Holdernes, Yorks, chapman; Pyper, James, of Preston on Holdernes, chapman; North, Robert, of Meanstr--t, Leics, chapman
f 13 Coventry debt Marler, Henry, of Coventry, grocer Astell, Richard, of Tekon, Nhants, husbandman
d 127 Kent debt May(?), Thomas Lin--te(?), Joan(?), widow; Broun, John, of ---hurst, Sussex, husbandman; ---, John, of Lamberhurst, tailor
d 142 London debt Melborn, William, of London, draper Bernard(?), Thomas, of Hereford Stok, Essex, yeoman
d 116 Suffk debt Mellys, John Bunwell or Bonewell, John, of Norwich, prior of the House & cathedral church of Holy Trinity
f 91 London debt Moorys, Thomas, of Kyrton by Boston, Lincs, esq Houshold, Robert, of Lynne, Norf, burgess & beer brewer
d 175 Norfk debt Mustarder, William, clerk Crombe, John, of Byllyngford by Baldyswell, yeoman
d 136 Shrops debt Nevyll, George, knight & Lord Bergevenny Halghton, Roger, of Bekbury, esq; Betton, Richard, of Betton, yeoman; Wancote, Thomas, of Stepylford, yeoman
d 116 Suffk debt Norfolk, Elizabeth, Duchess, of Vernon, Henry, of Nether Haddon, esq
d 171 Herts debt Nunny, William Palmer, Robert, of Shenley, husbandman; Frebrigge, John, of Welwyn, smith; Chaunseler, John, of Stevenache, smith; F--che(?), William, of St Albans, smith
f 30 London debt Oly---, D--; Bukk(?), Michael(?) Cowele, Walter, of St Martin in the Fields, Middx, hat maker; Salmon, John
f 48 Middx debt Otterley, John, on his own account Noke, Richard, of Newenton, Surr, butcher
d 135 Rutland debt P---(?), ---- -sarynge, Thomas, of Tybm---; another, yeoman
d 142 London debt Pake, John, of London, draper Jeny, Hugh, of West Ham, Essex, yeoman; Agnes, his wife, formerly Agnes, Shawe, of West Ham, widow; Shawe, William, of West Ham, husbandman
d 142 London debt Pake, John, of London, draper; Lye, Richard, of West Ham Chybboll, William, of West Ham, Essex, brewer
d 168 London debt Panter or Pauter, David Samwell, John, of London, gent & attorney
d 140 Cambs debt Parker, Richard Lamberd, John, senior, of Bumpstead Halyon, husbandman
d 122 Essex debt Parker, Thomas, of London, ironmonger Crosse alias Andrewe, John, of Maldon, wax chandler alias barber; Walden, John, of Hatfield Peverel, smith
d 132 London debt Parker, Thomas, of London, tailor Menyngton, Thomas, of Cirencester(?); Gefford, John(?); another, of Warwick
d 140 debt Parker, William, of London, tailor & knight Penne, Ralph, of Aldenham, Herts, gent; Berkeley, William, of Weley, Worcs, esq; Baley, Richard, of London, gent & servant to Leonard of Thorneborwe, Lincs, esq
f 46 London debt Parker, William, of London, tailor & knight Salter, Richard, of Oxford, clerk; Somnor, Oliver, of Oxford, clerk; Wryxham, William, of London, clerk
f 96 Norfk debt Patryk, John, junior Tateshale, Roger, of Worsted, husbandman
f 96 Norfk debt Payes, Richard Say, John, of Norwich, engraver; Agnes, his wife
f 12 Cornw debt Pedit, Michael, merchant Taglour, Odo, of Lstwythiell, tailor; Ude, Tristram, of Fowy, merchant; Trypkmayn, Walter, of Treyovan, gent; Davy, John, of Fowy, merchant
f 91 London debt Penbrigge, William, of London, skinner, executors of; (Penbrigge, Joan, formerly wife of Testator; Delham, Thomas, of London) ---, Thomas, of Laughton, Sussex, yeoman; Thomas, John, of Laughton; Nanse-los, Richard, of London; Beeham, Henry, of Stebenhyth, Middx, yeoman
f 72 London debt Penbrigge, William, of London, skinner, executors of; (Penbrigge, Joan, formerly wife of Testator; Delham, Thomas, of London) Nanseglos, Richard, of London, gent
d 171 Herts debt Percy, Thomas, of London, prior of the Church of Holy Trinity Meryton, William, of Tourney in Wythyhale, husbandman; Snowe, John, of Braughyng, husbandman; Broke, John, of Braughyng, husbandman
f 21 Lincs debt Philip, Thomas Cratfeld or Bratfeld, William, of Stratton, husbandman; Gilsen, John, of Stamford, husbandman; Thomlyns, William, of Stamford, sadler
f 21 Lincs debt Philip, Thomas Wykes, John, of Staunford or Stamford, Lincs; Parker, John, of Stamford, glover; Hosyer, Thomas, of Stamford, hosier; Parnell, Thomas, of Stamford, yeoman; Boswell, John, of Stamford, yeoman
d 170 Herts debt Philypp, Henry Stokton, Richard, junior, of Tryng; Smyth, Henry, of Wilstorn, butcher
f 50 Surrey debt Pilgrymson, John Russell, John, of Farnham, butcher
f 34 Nhants debt Piplis(?), Thomas --, --, of Lodyngton by Rochewell, chaplain; Payn, John, of Preston, yeoman; ---ham, ---, of Gretton, husbandman; Bayard, John, of Bodyngton, husbandman
d 174 Norfk debt Platfote, Ralph Dey, Walter, of Watton, husbandman; Joweld, Walter, of East Derham, husbandman; Rycherys, William, of Martham, husbandman
f 17 Essex debt Plomer, Robert Hyde, John, of Ronwell, yeoman; Bindoke, William, of South Hanyfeld, yeoman
f 45 London debt Polyngton, John, of London, goldsmith Thornton, John, of Dunstaple, Beds, yeoman
f 11 Gloucs debt Pope, William Spenser, John, of Bysshoppys Cleve, husbandman
f 50 Sussex debt Potter(?), James, clerk Thomas, Thomas, of Laughton, yeoman
f 38 Cambs debt Powelen, John, of Cambridge, burgess & fishmonger Asplont(?), John, of Hornyngsey, executors of; (Frevyle, Margaret, widow; Grene, Ralph)
f 82 Norfk debt Prior & brothers of a priory -- , --, yeoman
d 137 Rutland debt P-r-lif(?), --- Haryman, Thomas, of Tykencote, esq; another(?), yeoman
f 69 London debt Pudney, John, of London, fuller Baker, William, of Devizes, Wilts, gent
f 16 Essex debt Purfote, Robert, junior Coke, John, of Bo-ham, smith; Boreham, Henry, of Wykham, yeoman; Hunt, Richard, of Goldanger, capper; Hall, Robert, of Estarford, yeoman
f 17 Herts debt Pykeryng, Robert Michell, James, of South Mymmes, collier; Perkyn, John, of Rygge, collier; Harrys, Richard, of St Albans, inn holder
d 140 London debt Pykte, Katherine, of London, widow; Rokr, John, of London, haberdasher Lee, Hugh, of Straftord Langthorn, Essex, brewer
f 47 London debt Pykton, John, of London, mercer Flodyatt, William, junior, of Chepyng Norton, Oxon, chapman; Fulby, Robert, of Long Melford, Suff, chapman
f 41 London debt Quadryng, Thomas, of London, mercer Marchall, William, of Bristol, clothmaker; Smyth, John, of Bristol, dyer; Cook, John, of Eye, Suff, chapman; Candyll, John, of Brent Mersh, Soms, chapman; Frensshe, Thomas, of Norwich, mercer
f 40 London debt Quadryng, Thomas, of London, mercer Misis or Mifis, John, of Princes Riseborowe, Bucks, mercer; Boweton, Robert, of Todyngton, Beds, chapman; Alanam, John, of Dunstabill, Beds, chapman; Gregory, John, of Dunstabyll, Beds, inn holder; Doraunt, William, of Bedford, Beds, mercer
f 40 London debt Quadryng, Thomas, of London, mercer Terry, John, of Bukyngham, Bucks, chapman; Throssher, John, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, chapman; Dyer, John, of Colbroke, Middx, chapman; Sharp, John, of Neweport Ponde, Essex, chapman; Benet, Thomas, of Buckingham, Bucks, chapman
f 41 London debt Quadryng, Thomas, of London, mercer Thurlby, John, of London, yeoman; Roos, William, of Canterbury, gent; Kymbold, Thomas, of Stanys or Staines, Middx, chapman; Hempford, Thomas, of Norwich, mercer
d 133 Norfk debt Randolf, John, of Waketon Gandolf(?), ---, of Aslacton, husbandman
f 12 Cornw debt Raven, Thomas, of Fowy Waget, Richard, of Exeter, merchant; Colbeare, Stephen, of Kyrton, Devon, merchant; Lobbe, William, of St Germyn, yeoman
d 128 Kent debt Recorde, John Eggar, William, of Ealdyng or Yalding, yeoman
f 45 London debt Reresby, Thomas, draper Baret, William, of Bury St Edmunds, Suff, gent
f 10 Suffk debt Rerysby, Thomas, of London, draper Fen, John, of Hadlegh, clothman
d 167 Herts debt Rex Hoo, William, of Stortford, husbandman
f 12 Cornw debt Reynold, William Chamond, Thomas, of Trewelesek in St Sytheny, gent
f 27 Middx debt Reynold, William Trevilan, John, of Netilcombe, Soms, esq
d 151 Kent debt Rochester, Thomas, prior of the Cathedral church St Andrew, in Pocock, William, of Reynham, husbandman
d 143 London debt Roger, William, yeoman Batell, John, of Stanford Ryvers, Essex, esq; Stryklond, John, of Nasyng, Essex, colebrenner; Martyn, William, of Standford Ryvers, husbandman
d 171 Essex debt Roggers, William Strykland, Richard, of Nasyng, cole maker
f 47 London debt Rolleslay, William, of London, mercer Bocher, Robert, of Shaftysbury, Dors & of Markyate, Herts, butcher ; Kelsale, Robert, of London, gent & King's valet; Sampson, John, of Horsmonden, Kent, gent
d 116 Suffk debt Rysyng, Richard Hawelet, John, of Chellysworth, dyer; Shippeley, John, of Sudbury, pedder; Dey, John, of Sudbury, weaver; Waryn, John, junior, of Kersey, yeoman
d 136 Shrops debt Salter, John, on his own account Eyten, Peter, of By---- Wyld, gent; Des-l--, Edmund, of Begottasbr----, Staffs, yeoman; W--, John, of Bridgenorth, hosteler; Blasyer, John, of Shrewsbury(?), glasier; Rode(?), Thomas(?), esq, administrators of; (Roden(?), Roger(?), of Holt; Katherine, his wife, formerly wife of Thomas(?) )
d 136 Shrops debt Salter, John, on his own account Sudbury, Thomas, of Much Wenlock, prior; Corbet, Peter, of Lye by Worthyn, esq; Lyster, William, of Shrewsbury, merchant; Gatacre, Joyce, of Gatacre, widow; Brugge, John, of Lee, gent
f 42 London debt Saunder, John Fyssher, John, of London, brewer, executors of; (Fyssher, Joan, of London, widow; Phelyp, John, of London, wheel wright; Brounyng, Edmund, of Leicester, Leics)
f 10 Suffk debt Sefferey, Robert, clerk Pope, Richard, of Burgate, sawyer; Debenham, Stephen, of Dysse, Norf, yeoman; Harward, John, of Soulton, Norf, shoemaker; Breneleff, Robert, of Nedham Market, Suff, baker
f 79 Essex debt Semar, Thomas, of Walden, yeoman Chybte--, John, of Harston, Cambs, gent; Munby, Edward, of Walden, butcher; Mathewe, John, of Walden, fisher; Marget, William, of Walden, glasier; Lamberd, John, of Bumsted Helion, husbandman
d 139 London debt Sewell, Thomas, of Stratford Langthorn, Essex, yeoman Smalwode, John, of Berkyng, tanner, executors of; (Rawelyn, John; Wynchecombe, Michael; Isabel, his wife, formerly wife of Testator)
f 52 Kent debt Sexten, John, of Rovynden Whither or Whicher, John, of Newenden, husbandman, administrators of; (Porter, Thomas, of Bekle, Sussex, husbandman; Goler, William, of Bekle, husbandman)
d 118 Heref debt Seye, Richard Pukmore, Richard, of Brokhampton, yeoman; Wyllams, Richard, of Falley, hubandman
f 84 Heref debt Seys, John, junior, executors of; (Seyte, Richard, brother of John Seys, junior; Courte, Thomas, chaplain) Puckmore, Richard, of Brokehampton, husbandman; Apye, Robert, of How Caple, gent
f 45 London debt Shaa, John, of London, goldsmith Hungerford, Walter, of Haytysbury, Wilts, esq
d 150 London debt Shaa, John, of London, goldsmith Molle, Hugh, of Cotteshale, Staffs, gent; Molle, John, of London & Kent, gent
d 183 London debt Sharp, Robert, esq Coket, John, of Catefeld, Norf, gent; Serle, William, of Hann(?), Norf, gent
d 140 London debt Sharp, Robert; Joan, his wife Brok, Alexander, of Hakney, Middx, yeoman; Penreth, Thomas, of Berkyng, Essex, husbandman; Penreth, John, of Berkyng, husbandman; Sharp, John, of London, curriour
f 44 London debt Shelley, John, of London, mercer Broun, Robert, of Abbots Rothyng, Essex, esq
f 64 London debt Shelley, John, of London, mercer Redknap, Edward, of London, mercer
f 92 debt She--ng(?), Edmund, of London, alderman Smalwode, John, of Berkyng, Essex, tanner, executors of; (Wynsth, Michael, of Berkyng, Essex; Agnes, his wife, formerly wife of Testator)
f 95 Norfk debt Shepherd, Nicholas, of West Bekham Myntlyng, John, of Langley, abbot of the monastery of the BM
d 135 Staffs debt Shirborne, William Saunderson, Thomas, of Lychefeld, chaplain
d 137 Staffs debt Shirborne, William Saunderson, Thomas, of Lychefeld, chaplain
f 47 London debt Skyrwyth, John, of London, leather seller Apris, Morgan, of Lanury, Carmerdenshire, Wales, chapman; Wryght, Henry, of Nampwych, Ches, mercer; Tayller alias Ditton, William, of Sudmynster, Essex, tailor; Donyngton, John, of London, glover
d 144 London debt Skyrwyth, John, of London, leather seller Terre, Robert, of Stoke Neylond, Suff, tailor; Harper, Roger, of Axbrigge, Soms, clothman; Hocheon, Hugh, of Devizes, Wilts, clothmaker; Brokyng, John of Woxbrigge, Middx, brass worker
f 68 London debt Slorry, Ralph Lee, William, of London, inn holder
f 42 Middx debt Smale, John, of London, gent, on his own account Lynet or Lyvet, John, of London, gent; Cawodeley, Thomas, of London, gent; Briggers, Alice, of Hampton, widow
f 83 Norfk debt Smyth, Henry Cuttys, John, of Worthyng, husbandman; Can---, William, of N--, husbandman; C--, Thomas, of Bryslee, husbandman; Meyer, John, of Bokkyng(?), husbandman
f 43 Middx debt Snede, John, on his own account Warde, Richard, of London, mercer; Clyderowe, Robert, of St Mary the Strand, holy water clerk; Wemy--, Christine, of St Martin in the Fields, widow
f 10 Suffk debt Spryngwell, Willia Lynde, Richard, of Snape, weaver; Westley, Thomas, of Eyke, husbandman; Norgood, Thomas, junior, of Bitley, husbandman; Vigao-, William, of Capell within Butley, husbandman
f 95 Norfk debt Spynke, John Cougham, John, of Little Walsyngham, mercer; ---son, Reginald, of Crowemer, shipman
f 10 Suffk debt Spytye, Walter, of Halys, Norf Stynard, Thomas, of St Olave or St Tulyons, yeoman; Knyght, Thomas, of Semerelayton, husbandman; Clerke, John, of Bradwell, yeoman
d 171 Essex debt Stansted, Walter, of Colchester, abbot of the Monastery of St John Haukewode, Henry, of Colchester, fuller
d 136 Shrops debt Star-(?), Humphrey, on his own account Mel---, William, of Worcestershire(?); Chor-, Lewis, of Newport, mercer
f 16 Herts debt Stoyle, Thomas, of Cambridge, Master of Clare Hall in the University of Cambridge; Pygot, Henry, gent; Awenger, Margery, of Lythyngton, Cambs, widow Colte, John, senior, of Little Mundon, maltman
f 31 Norwich debt Styward, ---s, of Norwich, draper Pyrt, Robert, of Cley next the sea, Norf, tallow chandler
f 17 Essex debt Sutton, John, junior, of London, mercer Prakell, William, of Dagenham, husbandman
f 81 Norfk debt Sutton, Thomas, clerk; Peryiat(?), Thomas, of Trunch; with Cantell, Robert, clerk; Wortys, William, senior, deceased Hogekyns, Nicholas, yeoman
d 149 London debt Swan, Edmund Knoyle, Thomas, of Chyner, Oxon, gent
f 49 Middx debt Temple, Thomas, gent Cokford(?), Thomas, of Norton Folyot, butcher
d 182 London debt Temple, Thomas, of Apslyn, Bucks, gent Rugwyn, John, of Ware, Herts, gent; Fanslyk, Peter, of Ware, butcher; Cranefeld, John, of wAre, Herts, brass worker
f 91 London debt Thurland, Thomas, of Nottingham, merchant & burgess, executors of; (Clyfton, Edward, esq; Clyfton, Robert, knight; Hunston, Thomas, of Nottingham) Twyge, Richard, of London, mercer
f 39 London debt Tomson, Robert, of London, tailor Haryngton, Thomas, of Empyngham, Rutl, gent; Craddok, Mathew, of Swanneshay, Welsh Marches, gent; Enyngton, John, of London, grocer; Totoft, Thomas, of London, gent; Stanshaw, John, of London, gent
f 12 Cornw debt Tregarthyn, Thomas, junior Willim, Richard, of Managhan, clerk
f 28 Soms debt Tremayle, Thomas, on his own account --, William
f 96 Norfk debt Trendall, Thomas Wyterede, William, of Mateshale, husbandman; Wytrede, Richard, of Watton, husbandman; Robynes, Thomas, of Gressenale, yeoman
d 128 Kent debt Turke, William Brankge(?), John, of ---, Surrey, yeoman; Aleyn, Thomas, of Pepyngbury, yeoman; ---, ----, of Great Wakeryng, Essex, husbandman; another, of Essex; Frande, William, of Dartford, husbandman(?)
f 50 Sussex debt Turke, William Kyngewode, Thomas, of Wadeherst, yeoman; Lukke atte Trowers, John, of Wadeherst, yeoman; Wonborne, William, of Wadeherst, yeoman
f 78 Essex debt Turke, William, of London, fishmonger, executors of; (Dryland, Richard, gent; Lagge, Thomas, of London, fishmonger) Couper, Stephen, of Hornchurche, husbandman
d 147 London debt Twygge, Robert Richardson, Walter, of Rochester, brewer; Sutton, Richard, of Rochester, Kent, yeoman
f 43 London debt Walkre, Richard, of Wybunbury, vicar, administrator of; (Massy, Ralph, of Wybunbury) Foliambe, Thomas, of Walton, Derbs, esq, administrator of; (Foliambe, Henry, of Walton, Derbs, esq)
f 25 Kent debt Walle(?), ---, merchant Reston(?), Thomas, of Tunbrigge
d 146 debt Walsingham, John, of London, prior of the House of the Salutation of the Mother of God or Charterhouse Kynge, Henry, of Clyff, Kent, husbandman; Borden, Thomas, of London, draper; Joan, his wife; Mugge, William, of Clyff, husbandman
f 45 London debt Wardboys(?), William, of London, haberdasher Devereux, John, of Lude, Herefs, knight; Wykes, William, of Moreton, Herefs, gent
f 83 Norfk debt Wattys, Robert Skeyton, John, of Aylesham, laborer; Maye, William, of Aylesham, husbandman; Warde, William, of Aylesham, tailor; Glover, Robert, of Calthorp by Erpyngham, husbandman
d 144 London debt Webley, William, of London, brewer Rose, William, of Canterbury, gent
f 96 Norfk debt Welby, Thomas Ely, Geoffrey, of Wymondham, yeoman
f 85 Gloucs debt Wellyngton, William Durant, William, of Bartheston, Warws, gent
f 75 Devon debt Whitefeld, Thomas Bobych, John, senior; Bobych, John, junior
f 43 London debt Whyte, Thomas Chesshyre, James, of Poole, Dors, mercer
d 146 London debt Whyte, William, of London, mercer Norys, William, of Yatenden, Berks, knight
f 46 London debt Whyte, William, of London, mercer Wake, Roger, of Blysworth, Nhants, gent; Broun, Robert, of London, gent; Seidre(?), John, of Weobley, Herefs, chapman
f 55 London debt Wildecote, Thomas Swift, John, of Newhouse or Newsum, Lincs, abbot of the Monastery of St Mary & St Martial
f 42 Middx debt Wilson, William, of London, brewer Galson(?), Thomas, of London, brewer; Alice, his wife; Smyth, Thomas, of Turmyl Strete in Clerkynwell, capper
d 145 Middx debt Wodeward, William, of London, goldsmith Savage, Morris, of Iseldon or Islington, shoemaker or tanner
f 92 debt Wolf, John, of London, yeoman Marchall, Robert, of Appultre, Nhants, yeoman; Knyght, Robert, of Aston in the Wallis, Nhants, husbandman; van Burgh, Rose, of London, widow
d 175 Norfk debt Wykes, Henry; Joan, his wife Holdernesse, Alice, of Wellys, widow, executor of; (Roper, Edmund, of Wellys next the sea, rope maker)
f 39 London debt Wykes, John, of London, gent Gardener, Thomas, of Aldenham, Herts, ash burner; Taylboys, William, of London, esq; Etheldred, his wife; Hamond, Stephen, of Aldenham, husbandman; Gardener, Richard, of Aldenham, ash burner; Wylughby, Robert, of London, knight
d 114 Bucks debt Wylcokkes, John Shereneton, William, of Est Wycombe, husbandman; Wisyte, John, of Burnham, cokyer; Brykhill, John, of Hychenden, husbandman
f 11 Cornw debt Wylls, John, senior Prust, John, of Cornwall, husbandman
f 95 Norfk debt Wymondham, John, esq at Hoo, John, of South Reppys, yeoman, executrix of; (at Hoo, Margaret, of South Reppys, widow)
f 95 Norfk debt Wymondham, John, esq Barnard, Thomas, of North Walsahm,yeoman
d 148 Middx debt Yatys, Ralph, mercer, administrator of; (Flemyng, Robert, of London, mercer) Crouche, William, of London, yeoman & fishmonger; Hampton, John, of Worcester, Worcs, mercer; Hampton, John, of Worcester; Wattys, Thomas, of Badbury, Soms, chapman
d 148 Middx debt Yatys, Ralph, mercer, administrator of; (Flemyng, Robert, of London, mercer) Mayhewe, John, of Kyngs Clere, Hants, chapman; Alegh, William, of Leyghton Bosard, Beds, yeoman; Wynlove, John, of Leicester, Leics, chapman; May, John, of Leicester, chapman
f 9 Suffk debt Abur, Richard, of Boxford, yeoman
d 173 Norwich debt(?) ---, Thomas; Sylvester, Nicholas, clerk; Gylot(?), John; Bolton(?), Robert Sylk, Edmund, of Norwich, notary
f 75 Beds debt(?) Berwyke, Thomas, of London, mercer Gregory, John, of Dunstaple, ostler
f 4 London detinue Highlot(?), Robert; Kes--n, Henry Ske--, --, of Kyngeston upon Thames, Surrey, esq
f 4 London detinue Smyth, Katherine Polyngton, John, of London, goldsmith
f 12 Cornw detinue (book) Reynold, William Denys, Thomas, of St Austell,
f 74 London detinue (charters) Skete, William Wotton, Nicholas, administrator of; (Saunders, John, of London, upholster)
f 24 Devon disseisin de quibus Haghe, Thomas Courteney, Walter, esq; Courtney, Edmund, esq
f 99 Shrops disseisin de quibus Hille, Thomas Frith, Richard; Elizabeth, his wife
f 99 Shrops disseisin de quibus Sowodeley, Reginald Mason, William
d 163 (?) dower Hoggeson, Anice, wife of Roland Hoggeson, formerly wife of John More More, William
d 153 Kent forcible entry Bryan, Thomas, knight; Metcalf, Miles; Mongeham, William Twygge, William, of London, mercer; Twygge, Richard, of London, mercer; Twygge, John, of London, grocer; Rothwell, John, of Rochester, gent
d 122 Essex forcible entry Hyll, Thomas; Forster, Robert; Worthyngton, Robert Basset, John, of London, gent
d 164 Beds formedon remainder Goodale, Joan Maryet, Richard
d 175 Norfk incitement Applyard, William Dancourt, William, of Norwich, gent; Pyttes, Robert, of Wymondham
d 169 Hunts quare impedit Glover, John, of London, mercer; Broun, Hugh, of London, mercer Devereux, Walter, knight, Lord Ferres
f 69 Devon quare impedit Sapcote, John, esq; Sapcote, Thomas Courtenay, Peter, of Exeter, Bishop; Grey, Thomas, of Dorset, marquis; Olyver, Thomas, of Bokeland or Buckland, abbot of the monastery of BM
f 5 Surrey trespass Bursted, Richard Downe, Henry, of Churche Coveham or Cobham, Surr, gent
f 93 London trespass and contempt Bragrene(?), William; Rigland(?), John; Tuvesham(?), Thomas; Jakes, John; Shukburgh, William; Sparbr(?), William Horne, Thomas, of London, gent; Ryplyngham, Robert, of London, clerk
f 5 Surrey trespass and contempt Brocas, Richard Milys, John; Westbroke, John, junior, husbandman; Ludlowe, Richard, of Guildford; Kyngeston, Thomas
f 33 Shrops trespass on the case: forgery Lee, Thomas Horwode, John, of Compton, Staffs, gent
d 135 Rutland trespass(?) ----, John(?) ----, ----, of East(?) ---, husbandman; another(?)
d 182 London trespass: assault Fereter, William Lak----, Walter, of London, founder(?); Lakyngene, Mathew, of London, yeoman
d 118 Cornw trespass: assault Wylle or Wylke, Robert Lobbe or Lokke, Thomas, of Lanteglys, husbandman
f 11 Cornw trespass: assault & wounding of servant Trelaweny, John, senior Rede, Edward, of Over Melcombe, husbandman; Rede, Roger, of Lower or Nether Milcombe, husbandman
d 175 Norfk trespass: assault of servant & abduction Denton, Richard Fedymend, William, of Wymondham, glover
f 96 Norfk trespass: assault of servant & taking horse etc Forman, William Elvered, John, of Aylesham, yeoman
f 34 Staffs trespass: close Aston or --bott, John Lynton, John, of Kynges Bromley, yeoman; Heych--, Thomas, of Kynges Bromley, laborer
f 50 Kent trespass: close Burgrone, Thomas Jode, Richard, of Sturmouth, husbandman; Curtes, William, of Stourmouth, husbandman
d 113 Oxon trespass: close Chamber, William Thorneby, Robert, of Hanwell, yeoman
f 33 Shrops trespass: close Cresset, Robert, esq Hop--s, Roger, of North Wood, chaplain
f 83 Norfk trespass: close Dauson, John Turnour, John, of Shipdham, husbandman
f 85 Heref trespass: close Delabere, Richard, knight ap Thomas, Richard, of Dylwyn, husbandman
f 84 Heref trespass: close Delabere, Richard, knight; Stranford, William, chaplain; Berton, William; Bayly, Richard ap Thomas, Richard, of Dylwyn, husbandman
f 105 Hants trespass: close Elyot, John H-wet, John, of Chaweton; Horn, Thomas, of Chaweton, husbandman
f 51 Kent trespass: close Fouke, John Jope, John, of Ealdyng or Yalding, husbandman; Ippyngbury, John, of Rede in Merden, husbandman
f 14 Notts trespass: close Grene, William Sharp, John, of Torlaton, husbandman
d 152 Surrey trespass: close Holgrave, William Billy, Walter, of Kyngeston upon Thames, miller
f 22 Lincs trespass: close Howard, Thomas, knight Themylby, Richard, of St Mary Tydde, esq
d 121 Essex trespass: close Hyll, Thomas; Forster, Robert; Worthyngton, Robert Basset, John; with Grey, John, of Eylnrake(?), yeoman; Carlyn(?), William, of Blakemore, yeoman
d 118 Cornw trespass: close Joce, John Travelvith, Richard, of Trenoweith, husbandman; Tokyer, Thomas, of Padstowe, husbandman
d 117 Cornw trespass: close Newehall, John Jagowe, Reginald John, senior, of Penhale in St Ladok, husbandman; Jagowe, Reginald John, junior, of Penhale in St Ladok, husbandman; Ede, Reginald, of Penhale in St Lodok, husbandman; Bewe, John, of Penhale, colyer
f 26 Kent trespass: close Rede, Robert; Bruyn, William; Prat, John; Cressy, Richard Tudur, Katherine, of Stoke in the Hundred of Hoo, widow; Ram, William, of Halstowe in Hoo, husbandman; Rolff, John, of Halstowe, husbandman
f 79 Herts trespass: close Roos, Henry; Say, William; Rydmyld, William; Shelley, John, junioer Byrd, John, of Wadysmylle, yeoman
d 128 Sussex trespass: close Saundres, William Fyssher, Margery, of Wodeherst, widow
f 88 Kent trespass: close Whyte, John Stokys, John, of Aythorn, husbandman
f 11 Cornw trespass: close
f 99 Nhants trespass: close & assault of servant Burneby, George Seben, Thomas, of Watford, husbandman
f 25 Kent trespass: close & taking --, Robert Chuse--, Roger, of Dartford
d 126 Nhants trespass: close & taking Burnabey, George, esq Saben, Thomas, of Watford, husbandman
f 84 Heref trespass: close & taking Clement, Matilda, widow Tewe, John, of Weobley, weaver; Luke, Richard, of Yesorp or Yarsop near Yazor, husbandman; Hulles, William, of Horton; Wattys, William, of Yesorp, husbandman
f 52 Kent trespass: close & taking Curteys, Richard Fraunceys, Henry, of Rochester, tailor; Romne(?), William, of Rochester, husbandman; Shymmyng, Thomas, of Rochester, draper
d 152 Kent trespass: close & taking Frensshe, Robert Solman, William, of Haukherst, thatcher
d 117 Cornw trespass: close & taking Gayre, John Huchyn, William, of Tyndell Vyghan, husbandman; Wynam, John, of Helston, tanner; Trewyke, Richard, of Truro, fuller; Trewyke, Richard, of Truro, fuller
f 85 Gloucs trespass: close & taking Keke, John Hykkys, John, of Charleton Kings, yeoman
f 89 London trespass: close & taking Lee, Richard, esq Flynt, William, of London, goldsmith
d 180 London trespass: close & taking Lee, Richard, esq Flynt, William, of London, goldsmith
f 26 Sussex trespass: close & taking Meryot, John Polyngton, Gawinus, of Tyseherst, tailor
d 114 Beds trespass: close & taking Pebe or Peke, John Gadewyn, ---, of Biggleswade, husbandman; Lady, Nicholas, of Holme in Bykelyswade, husbandman
d 152 Kent trespass: close & taking Rochester, Thomas, prior of the Cathedral church St Andrew, in Beke, William, of Bowelyjng, laborer
f 12 Cornw trespass: close & taking Romayne, John Vyncent, Clement John, of Damelsa, husbandman
f 38 Middx trespass: close & taking Vale, Morris Alayn, John, of Neweton Valens, Hants, chaplain; Hanson or Hauson, Simon, of East Mene or Meon, Hants, laborer
d 113 Berks trespass: close & taking Vernam, John, clerk; Raulens, William, clerk; Swan, John; Belcher, Humphrey Raulens, Thomas, of Shotesbroke, clerk
d 114 Beds trespass: close & taking animals Broughton, John, esq Tikylpeny, Robert, of Girtford near Sondey or Sandy, husbandman
f 54 Sussex trespass: close & taking animals Cooke, James Canon, John, of Henfeld, carpenter; Estowete, Nicholas, of Henfeld, weaver; with Vagger, John, of Henfeld, gent
d 151 Kent trespass: fishing Hardyng, John, of London, Master of the House & Church of St Thomas the Martyr of Acon Broun, John, of Woolwych, fisher
d 122 Essex trespass: park & hunting Weston, John, prior of the Hospital of St John Jerusalem, in England Dalyson, Thomas, of Reynham Berwyk, chaplain
f 22 Lincs trespass: park & taking animals Howard, Thomas, knight Themylby, Richard, of St Mary Tydde, esq
d 118 Heref trespass: rape of ward Braynon, Thomas Cleredewe, Richard, of Staunton, Gloucs, laborer
f 99 Nhants trespass: rescue St Leger, Thomas Breders, Simon, of Wedon Beck, yeoman; Breders, Walter(?), of W-, yeoman
f 53 Surrey trespass: taking Legh, John Assheford, John, of Water Lambehith or Lambeth, beer brewer
f 82 Norfk trespass: taking Hunton, Robert Carpenter, John, of Langham, Suff, husbandman; Carpenter, Richard, of Langham, laborer
d 176 Cornw trespass: taking Tyrell, James, knight Phylyps, Otto, of Polwhylt, gent; Veysy, William, of Truro, gent
d 150 London trespass: taking Whyte, William Bere, John, of London, merchant
d 118 Heref trespass: taking animals Godemon, John Holder, Nicholas of Nuptun, husbandman
f 14 Notts trespass: taking animals Grene, William ---, Henry, of Torlaton, husbandman
f 67 London trespass: taking horse Hoghton, George Frampton, Richard, King's attorney
f 13 Notts trespass: taking horse & other goods Stanhop, John, esq Gylle, Thomas, of Newerk, yeoman; with Pynchware, Richard, of North Clyfton, husbandman
f 107 writing Barattyne, John, esq, son & heir of John Barantyne, esq, deceased (?)
d 197 writing Bastard, Elizabeth, widow, formerly wife of Wiliam Bastard, & daughter of Nicholas Applyard; Bastard, Margaret, wife of Nicholas Sturgeon, John, esq; Puller(?), John, gent; Braughyng, Thomas, gent
f 107 writing Erley, John, senior; Erley, John, son & heir Sulyard, Joan; Danvers, Thomas; Danvers, William; Broun, John
f 106 writing Gonas, Joan, widow, formerly wife of John Gonas, of London, weaver Fetyplace, Walter, merchant & burgess

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