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Feet of Fines
Lincolnshire 128no11, 128no12, 128no13, 128no14, 128no15, 128no16, 128no17, 128no18, 128no19, 128no20, 129no21, 129no22, 129no23, 129no24, 129no25, 129no26, 129no27, 129no28, 129no29, 129no30, 130no31, 130no32, 130no33, 130no34, 130no35, 130no36, 130no37, 130no38, 130no39, 131no40, 131no41, 131no42, 131no43, 131no44, 131no45, 131no46, 132no47, 132no48, 132no49, 132no50 132no51, 132no52, 132no53, 133no54, 133no55, 133no56, 133no57, 133no58, 133no59, 133no60, 133no61, 133no62, 133no63, 134no64, 134no65, 134no66, 134no67, 134no68, 134no69, 134no70, 134no71, 135no72, 135no73, 135no74

The feet of fines are reproduced here primarily to coordinate with the Medieval Genealogy website: http://www.medievalgenealogy.org.uk. That website is providing searchable abstracts of the feet of fines, progressively to be linked to the digital images provided here. For finding aids, see the material provided on that site.