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January 2009 Acquisition Report

There have been two uploads since Summer: one in November, one in January. The new material is in Henry III (JUST1), Edward III (KB27, E159, E368, all in the 1330s), late Edward III to Henry VII (various series), and the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth (CP40 and KB27). At this point the AALT site houses 3,000,000 frames of material and is about half complete, although for the time before 1553 it is probably something like 80% complete.

TNA has extended the license to include the series C1 and KB29. There are a few rolls of the KB29 series available now from the reigns of Henry VI, Henry VIII, Elizabeth, and James I. We have not yet begun the C1 series.

During the Spring Susanne and Lori will be working. Susanne will be working on the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; Lori will be continuing the series CP40 and KB27 further into the reign of Elizabeth. It is at this point unclear whether the acquisitions during the Spring will be able to be uploaded in May or will have to wait until August to appear on the site.

The Summer will see a major push for the completion of the C33 series and a major effort on the JUST1 series. Some further progress can be expected with the series CP40 and KB27 in the reign of Elizabeth and the CP25(1) feet of fines. Since the reserves of money that have allowed us to pursue the project intensively for the last two years is being exhausted, further progress after this Summer will depend on the annual payouts from the endowments and will thus be steady but slower.

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