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August 2009: The Future of AALT Navigation

We have now figured out a way to improve navigation within long documents. Up until now, we have relied on the red and blue markers that are still visible on the thumbnail pages. That system works decently well, and we will continue to place the blue and red markers. In addition to that initial navigation system, however, we are starting to insert red thumbnails with numbers of multiples of fifty. We have completed the insertion for C33/196: see navigation marker sample. Insertion of these new markers will proceed relatively slowly, since top priority has to be linking in the new acquisitions. The material waiting to be uploaded is about 1,250,000 frames, so the site will soon be a third larger than it is at this point. As soon as the uploads are complete, the new navigational markers become the top priority. Completion of the insertion of the navigational markers may take a year. If anyone wants this process to proceed more rapidly, contact rpalmer@uh.edu. I can provide a set of markers and volunteers could proceed simply to rename the markers as required for insertion.

UPDATE: At this point (October 8) almost all the C33 folders have been improved with the added page markers. The other book series will follow before the plea rolls. Some rough indices have been provided for a few of the pipe rolls. These rough indices appear as a "ToC" link, because they are roughly in the form of a table of contents. This form of progressive indexing is possible because it can always be updated in a fuller form and because the pipe rolls have a convenient division into county sections, unlike the other series.