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December 2009: Daily AALT News on Twitter

The Summer upload is now complete.
The NEH grant application for support was unsuccessful, so acquisitions have been scaled back but not terminated. A new application has been submitted to NEH, but the results will not be known until March 2011. The AALT thus at this point continues to be funded solely from the endowments attached to the Cullen Chair of History and Law at the University of Houston. The failure of the application does not impact longevity of the site; the funds for purchase of replacement servers, when that becomes necessary, are still preserved.
The AALT now has an elaborated structure as part of its sustainability plan. The whole organization may now be seen with access via link from the Index Prime page at the top of the right hand column.
The administrator of the AALT is pursuing plans to institute a wiki (WiDACT) for the history of cities and towns in England and Wales.
TNA has further expanded the AALT license. We are now licensed to handle 30 series, some of which extend now beyond 1650. We are planning on further extensions.
Insertion of thumbnail navigational aids, ToC pages, etc., continues.

Overall, the site is healthy and still growing. Growth will continue, but at a much slower rate than would have been possible had the NEH grant been successful. We continue to explore avenues to make research online more possible for the whole range of scholars of England and Wales from 1200 to 1800 and to provide outlets for that research.