Acquisition Plans: April 2007

The content acquisition for summer 2007 is not settled, because something depends on the research interests of people established as AALT associates to help acquire the content. Such associates would work in areas pertaining to their own research interests. The two of us currently working on the AALT tentatively intend to work in the following areas:

Robert C. Palmer: (a) to extend the Reformation material to include the years 1535 to 1542, (b) to extend the Edward III material back to 1340, (c) to extend the Edward I material up to at least 1300, and then (d) to establish a fifteenth-century segment, probably 1460 to 1466. Remaining time this summer, if any, would probably be devoted to inclusion of a few years starting from 1490 or individual sample rolls from various times as readers might convince me as to their general utility.

Elspeth K. Palmer: further work on the equity records, probably concentrating on the years from 1585 to 1610, with perhaps some material from Charles I and some further material from earlier in Elizabeth's reign.

I am currently looking for associates who will accelerate the image acquisition process for compensation. Associate status is quasi-academic, that is, one must already be familiar with handling the documents and working at TNA, have an already established research and writing interest in the documents, and have academic references or credentials. For compensation, since associates are not employees, time arrangements are completely flexible, and associates are expected to acquire material within their time period of interest, although within the terms of the current license. The work (from personal experience) requires a significant amount of physical endurance and willingness to comply with the format of image acquisition. For further information, contact me at; please use the subject line "AALT."

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