Summer 2007 Acquisition Report

Once all the summer material is uploaded and linked, AALT will be more than twice the size it is at present (August 20, 2007). Uploading will take somewhat longer than before, because I now have software that I can use on individual folders. I can thus correct mistakes in image orientation and manage material myself, rather than relying on my tech support. That facility will improve the quality of the site, although it will mean also that the material will appear in stages.

Acquisition will continue now through the fall at a slower pace for the reigns of Edward II, Henry IV, and Henry V. In the spring the speed of acquisition will accelerate, with work continuing on Edward II and early Edward III, the completion of material for Henry III and Edward I, a long series of KB27s for James I, and completion of a major portion of the CP40/KB27/E159/E368 series for the first half of the fifteenth century.

The new content (ie, in addition to the material at present on the site) from the summer acquisition work includes:
Henry III: E159/1-44 (1218 to 1272, less three rolls that were otherwise being used) and KB26s from the 1250s and 1260s.
Edward I: CP40s from 1290 to 1307.
Edward II: CP40s from 1307 to 1312 and KB27s from 1308.
Henry IV and Henry V: KB27s for the whole time, and some CP40s, E159s, and E368s from the beginning of Henry IV.
Henry VI: some KB27s.
Henry VII: Some CP40s from 1494.
Henry VIII: CP40s, KB27s, E159s, and E368s to extend current material up through 1541.
Elizabeth I: CP40s, KB27s, E159, and E368 for 1571.
James I: completion of CP40 from Trinity term 1607, KB27s for three more terms after Trinity 1607.
Charles I: a few CP40s and KB27s from various dates.
Commonwealth: two rolls of the CP40 from Trinity 1650.

General series:
The C33 series now will be a continuous run from 1547 to 1650, although from somewhere in the 1570s up to 1628 we will still only have the "A" volumes (before 1629 "A" and "B" volumes are 90% the same; after 1629 the material is divided alphabetically between the "A" and "B" volumes).
The DL5 (Duchy of Lancaster Chancery orders and and decrees) from Edward IV through to 1650.
REQ1: about 20 volumes.
CP25(1): feet of fines from Edward III through Henry VII for Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

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