Fall 2007 Acquisition Report and Schedule for Acquisitions in the Spring

Over the course of the fall semester, Susanne Jenks and Lori Assa have acquired a further 390,000 frames of material for the website. Susanne's material is in the fifteenth century, and her work provides AALT with a very good body of material from the first half of the fifteenth century, particularly for the KB27s. Lori's work is in the fourteenth century with the CP40s and KB27s of Edward II and Edward III. The CP40s are now thus largely completed from 1272 into the 1330s. The AALT site now contains ca. 1.33 million frames of material.

R. Palmer will join Jenks and Assa for the spring acquisition season. Susanne will continue to work on the fifteenth century. Lori will connect up the work she has been doing on CP40s and KB27s with the material already collected for Edward III (1345-1360). Palmer will complete the licensed material for the thirteenth century and the E159 and E368 series through to 1345. By May the main series (CP40, KB26, KB27, E159, and E368) should be complete at least up to 1360. A good amount of the E13 and JUST 1 series should also be completed for that time period, as well as a few more runs of feet of fines. R. Palmer during the spring will increase the Henry VIII material on up from 1541 into the reign of Edward VI, probably to 1550, and acquire the KB27 rolls further into the reign of James I, hopefully up to 1616. Uploading of that material onto the server will not take place until late May, right before the summer acquisitions begin.

Comments are always welcome at rpalmer@uh.edu.

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