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Summer 2008 Acquisition Report

Over the Summer, R. Palmer, E. Palmer Rosbrook, S. Jenks, and L. Assa increased the acquisitions of the AALT from circa 2.25 million frames to circa 2.75 million frames. The site is now about seven times larger than at its launch in January 2007. There are a few new acquisitions in Henry III, Edward II, and Edward III and significant acquisitions in Richard II. Nevertheless, the largest acquisitions over the Summer were in the latter half of the 15th century, the early 16th century, and the reigns of Elizabeth, James I, and Charles I. The early modern acquisitions include material both in common law and in equity.
The material began uploading on August 19 and will be progressively available as the links get written. The process should be complete by the end of August.

Comments are always welcome at rpalmer@uh.edu.