English Palaeography: Document 3

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Lune x die Junii (Latin: On the tenth day of June)

F (margination, taken from the first letter of the plaintiff's last name)

Arthur Fraunke plaintiff
Richard Franunke esquire & Thomas Fraunk defendants

Forasmuch as this court was this present
daie informed by Master Finche being of
Councell with the said Thomas Fraunk
one of the defendants that the mother of all the
said parties being a widow and seised of

five mesuages in London did devise by her last will twoe
of them to the said Richard Fraunk her oldest sonne one of
the defendants, the third mesuage to the said Thomas and the other
twoe to the said plaintiff, and that the said plaintiff pretending title
to all the said five mesuages exhibited his bill into this

court against the said defendants, who having answerred, yt was
ordered that the rent of the houses devised unto the defendants
should be brought into this cort, untill the cause were heare
heard, And that since the said order the said cause
touching the title of the said mesuages devised to the said

Richard was referred to the court of wardes uppon the hearing
of the matter here order was taken that the possession
of the same houses should goe and be according to their
said mothers will, therfore and for that it is also alleaged
that the said plaintiff doth not prosecute his suit with effect and

that sithence the said Arthur and Richard hould the severall
mesuages to them devised as aforesaid in possession, yt
was humblie desired on the hehalf of the said Thomas that
he might likewise have the rent of the said mesuage
devisesd unto him as aforesaid paid unto him with

the arrerages thereof upon condition to answerr the same
againe yf upon the hearing of the cause this court
shall so order the same against him, it is thereupon
ordered that if good cause shall not he showd to this
cort before Fridaie next to the contrary then the said

defendant Thomas Fraunk without further motion shall
have and take out of this cort the said rent and
arrerrages thereof as heretofore hath byn brought into this
cort by James Knowles of the said house or mesuage
called the greene dragon devised unto him by his

said mother as aforesaid and shall also from hence
forth have the rent thereof as it shall growe due he
the said Thomas Furst putting in sufficient bond
to this cort to answer and paie the same rent and
arrerages as this court shall order the same uppon hearing
of the cause in this cort.

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