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Pipe Roll 78: Mich 1233 to Mich 1234

compiled by R.C. Palmer; for corrections or additions, please contact rpalmer@uh.edu

Links take the reader to the first frame of the fronts, dorses, and separated parts of a county account. Each account will run to perhaps many frames over several sheets, front and dorse. Use two browser windows (one for the fronts, one for the dorses) and alternate between them after finishing each sheet (composed of multiple frames). Do not assume an account is finished until the next county heading appears.

Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire:     front
Berkshire:     dorse
Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire:     front
Cumberland: dorse, separate continuation
Devon:     dorse
Dorset & Somerset:     front, dorse
Essex & Hertfordshire:     front, dorse, separate continuation
Gloucestershire:     front, dorse
Herefordshire:     front, dorse
Kent:     front, dorse
Lancashire:     dorse
Lincolnshire:     front, dorse
London & Middlesex:     front
Norfolk & Suffolkshire:     front, dorse
Northamptonshire:     front, dorse
Northumberland:     dorse
Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire:     front, dorse
Oxfordshire:     front
Shropshire:     front
Staffordshire:     front
Surrey:     front
Sussex:     front, dorse
Warwickshire & Leicestershire:     dorse, separate continuation
Wiltshire:     front
Worcestershire:     dorse
Yorkshire:     front, dorse
Other Accounts:     front, dorse
    Marlborough (with castle),
    Windsor (with castle), Odiham (with castle),
    bishopric of Lincoln