AALT Illustrations, Watermarks, and Poems

AALT Illustrations, Watermarks, and Poems

We've collected the marginalia and other information from AALT's online collections and divided them into three groups: illustrations, watermarks, and poems. These images range from illuminated and ink portraits to crude drawings. We currently have nearly 90 images of Henry VIII, 90 images of Elizabeth I, 30 images of Charles I, 100 seals, 170 watermarks, 140 animals, and 700 heads.

Many of these collections are intended to be comprehensive, but several will remain only partial collections. Since hands appear so frequently in the documents, we have only included some examples. Also, our efforts to record watermarks are primarily aimed at collecting unique specimens, so C33s that have no record of a watermark most likely featured watermarks that we had already photographed.

While we have adjusted the color in many of these images, the originals can still be found elsewhere on the site. You can locate the originals using the file names of each image. Unless otherwise noted in the file name, all images are from the first several leaves of the document. For example:

     beastCP40no803no3 = the 3rd beast from the first pages of CP40 no. 803
     headCP40no42img4569 = a head from image no. 4569 in CP40 no. 42
     swansqueryCP40no884 = an image that may be of swans in CP40 no. 884 (help identifying these images is appeciated)
     watermarkC33no47front = a watermark from the front leaves of a document, usually from rebinding in a later century

If during your browsing you encounter any unlisted images and would like to contribute to the collection, please email Elspeth at elspethpalmer@gmail.com with a link or reference number.

These digitized images remain under crown copyright.

  New Images (November 2010)

     Henry VI
     Edward IV
     Henry VII
     Henry VIII
     Edward VI
     Philip and Mary
     Elizabeth I
     James I
     Charles I





  Assorted Illustrations

     Heads -- CP40 in Henry VIII
     Heads -- CP40 in Mary
     Flowers and plants
     Lewd images
     Miscellaneous images

  Binding Materials