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George II
Privy Council Registers Privy Council Misc. Papers: non-colonial Privy Council Misc. Papers: colonial King's Bench: civil King's Bench: criminal King's Bench Rule Books Memoranda Rolls
Multi-reign Lists, Precedents, etc.: PC1no13;
TNA catalog of PC1no13: TNA List
1727 PC2/90 PC1/4/27-46, 47-62, PC1/15/1-4, 6 PC1/48Pt23, Misc KB21/33
1728 PC2/90 PC1/4/63-81, 82-94, PC1/15/1-4 PC1/48Pt23, 48Pt24, 58Pt3 KB21/33
1729 PC2/90, 91 PC1/4/95-104, PC1/15/1-4 PC1/48Pt25 KB21/33
1730 PC2/91 PC1/4/95-104, 105-109 PC1/48Pt26, 58Pt3 KB21/33
1731 PC2/91 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/48Pt27 KB21/33
1732 PC2/91, 92 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/48Pt28 KB21/33
1733 PC2/92 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/48Pt28 KB21/33 (H), KB21/34
1734 PC2/92, 93 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/48Pt29, 58Pt3, 58Pt3 KB21/34
1735 PC2/93 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/48Pt30, 58Pt3, 58Pt3, , NYrk_ Lewis_Morris KB122/ , 154, 155, 156 KB21/34
1736 PC2/93, 94 PC1/5/1-32 PC1/49Pt31 KB21/34
1737 PC2/94 PC1/5/33-59 PC1/49Pt32 KB21/34
1738 PC2/94, 95 PC1/5/33-59, PC1/15/5 PC1/49Pt32, 49Pt33, 58Pt3 KB21/34
1739 PC2/95 PC1/5/33-59 PC1/49Pt33, 58Pt3 KB21/34 (H,E), KB21/35 (T,M)
1740 PC2/95, 96 PC1/5/60-90, PC1/15/7-19 PC1/49Pt33 KB122/ , , , 181 KB21/35
1741 PC2/96, 97 PC1/5/60-90 PC1/49Pt33 KB122/[182, 183], , , KB21/35
1742 PC2/97 PC1/5/60-90 PC1/49Pt33, 58Pt3 KB21/35
1743 PC2/97, 98 PC1/5/60-90 PC1/49Pt34 KB21/35
1744 PC2/98, 99 PC1/5/60-90 PC1/49Pt34 KB21/35
1745 PC2/99 PC1/5/60-90, 91-99, PC1/15/7-19 PC1/49Pt34, 49Pt35 KB122/ , , , 211 KB21/35 (H, E), KB21/36 (T, M)
1746 PC2/99, 100 PC1/5/100-111 PC1/49Pt36 KB21/36
1747 PC2/100 PC1/6/1-17 PC1/49Pt37, 58Pt3, 57Pt85 KB21/36
1748 PC2/100, 101 PC1/6/1-17 PC1/49Pt38 KB21/36
1749 PC2/101 PC1/6/1-17 PC1/49Pt38 KB21/36
1750 PC2/101, 102 PC1/6/18-31 PC1/49Pt40, 49Pt39, 58Pt3 KB21/36
1751 PC2/102 PC1/6/18-31 PC1/49Pt41 KB21/36
1752 PC2/102, 103 PC1/6/18-31 PC1/49Pt42 KB21/36
1753 PC2/103 PC1/6/32-42 PC1/49Pt42 KB21/37
1754 PC2/104 PC1/6/32-42 PC1/50Pt43 KB21/37
1755 PC2/104 PC1/6/32-42, PC1/15/7-19 PC1/50Pt44 KB122/ , , 270, 271 KB21/37
1756 PC2/105 PC1/6/43-64 PC1/50Pt45, 58Pt3, 59 KB21/37
1757 PC2/105 PC1/6/65-72 PC1/50Pt45 KB21/37 (H), KB21/38
1758 PC2/106 PC1/6/65-72 PC1/50Pt45, 57Pt85 KB21/38
1759 PC2/106, 107 PC1/6/65-72 PC1/ 59 KB21/38
1760 PC2/107 PC1/6/73-90 PC1/50Pt45 KB21/38

Documents are listed by calendar, not regnal year. Commas separate terms within the year and are listed chronologically: Hilary, Easter, Trinity, Michaelmas. Brackets group together documents from the same term. Some series have documents listed more than once, because the individual document contains material from more than one calendar year.